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  1. Hi Davco Would ask if you have have done a full reset of the X-T3 software?
  2. Acquire on the X-T20 is limited to back/restore of camera settings. In settings> Connection settings> PC connection mode > Is either USB Card reader or USB RAW convertor/Backup Restore. If set to USB Card reader it will read your mem card from your PC. (Make sure you are using a full USB cable as some have limit the connectors). If set to USB RAW convertor/Backup Restore you can use the acquire software to backup or restore. Also the RAW convertor software works on this setting. I use Capture One Express. There is no tethering on X-T20 or webcam. (suggest cheap HDMI capture card £6.99 +£1.99 postage. Works brilliantly see Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daS5RHVAl2U.)
  3. Yes use Capture one Express for your RAF files
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