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  1. Must say - after 8 years since it’s release, it sure does look like the X-S1 has been banished into obscurity. This is quite sad. Being long in the tooth by any standard, it still creates astonishingly good results if you take the time to get to know it and thus get the best from it. I had a X-S1 around 2012 to 2014 and used it a lot. I really loved it and together with the X100, I felt I had all my photographic needs covered. Then came the Sony RX10 and on paper at least, it made a lot of sense, so I sold my X-S1 and got a RX10. My X100 developed SAB and I gave it away and later also got a RX100M3 when I wanted to travel light. I’m primarily a .jpg shooter, so eventually the Sony color processing got me down down and I sold both the RX10 and RX100M3 I recently stumbles upon a cheap X-S1 and got it, since I loved the 1st one so much and did not have anything with a decent reach at the time. Oh wow! The X-S1 is still just as awesome, all these years on. In decent light it creates nice colors with excellent contrast. Just do not pixel peep every picture. It also has a decent flash for low light situation, for in-fill or normal flash. Since it has a hot-shoe, it opens other doors too. It has a HUGE EVF. I could not find specs on the EVF, but compared it to my X-H1 and its exactly the same size, so I presume .75x magnification then also. Its much larger than the X100, X-E1 and X-T10 which I have had (or still have). The handling is also very good ad with plenty buttons and a manual zoom, it is a pleasure to use. —— WISHLIST —— My wishlist for a X-S2 would be more or less the same as the OP’s list: latest Chipset latest EVF (although the old one is not bad) fully articulated screen with touch functionality would be nice, but I do like the current buttons on the left which will then have to go. wifi is not a deal-breaker for me, but I can understand why it would be a welcome addition a zoom action which does not droop when pointed downwards Zoom lens equivalent to 24-600mm f2.8 to f4 would be awesome. The above and a new X100v (with a decent Bayer sensor like the X-T100 has) to compliment it, will complete my photo tool wishlist.
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