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    greencorner reacted to Doug Pardee in Closing XT2 battery door with dummy battery in place   
    I don't know about the X-T2, but in the X-T20 manual there's a documented "Cable channel cover for DC coupler" -- see part #36.
    It's a rectangular section on the right edge of the battery cover.
    I know on the X-T1, you had to have the battery grip to use the DC coupler. In reading about the X-T2 battery grip, it sounds like you'd simply use that instead of the separate power unit. From what I can tell, if you have the charging cord plugged into the grip and then turn on the X-T2, the camera is powered but the grip isn't charged.
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    greencorner reacted to BobJ in Closing XT2 battery door with dummy battery in place   
    It sounds like you have been very ingenious in what you have done. I doubt that there would be any official way to do it. I wonder if the grip, which gives you a total of three batteries, would do the job. Expensive but not invasive.
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