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  1. Whenever an app does not offer both landscape and portrait mode it just looks like laziness or couldn't care less. Is this the image that a company like Fuji wants to project?
  2. Hellooo, Used to be a Fuji user until I switched to the lure of FF Sony for a number of years but just got myself a lovely X100V to enjoy my photography again. Questions on the USB connection and Fuji Cam Remote. I do a lot of development stuff on my iPad Pro. USB C. It does not seem possible to connect from my iPad Pro to the X100V and browse the devices Images. I can do this using Files or Affinity Pro software with Sony so I can import RAW files. Am I doing something wrong? Fuji Can Remote. Is there no landscape mode available? It just seems to be portrait. Not the biggest issue but I always think that if developers don't write modern apps that can support both portrait and landscape it is just laziness. Edit: Ahh, just seen that this is a known gripe among users here. Any advice from learned people to confirm the above or guide me would be much appreciated.
  3. Back to Fuji after a few years with Sony. I had an X-Pro1 when it first came back. Went to Sony but it just didn't give me the same feeling. Anyhows, thought by introduction I should post a pic. From a recent short break in Venice. View from Ponte dell Accademia, Venice at night. by Phil, on Flickr
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