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  1. I'd really appreciate your feedback. I bought a new X-Pro2 recently, and for the first week - when I used bracketing and image preview ('Image Display = 1,5 secs') - I saw the three bracketed images in the viewfinder for 1,5 secs after shooting. That is what I expected. That is normal. By the end of the week, I only got the one image while bracketing. Fujifilm's answer so far? "Your camera is behaving normally." They also say that you only get the 1,5 sec image display in bracketing mode when you take your finger off the shutter immediately - which appears to be less than 1/2 sec. Otherwise no image preview at all. So what they're telling me is that if I want image preview in bracketing mode, I've got to remember to press the shutter release for less than half a second. That's bizarre. Especially when I saw the 3 bracketed images for the first week. Has anybody had this problem? A very quick poll for X-Pro 2 users: when you enable image display and are in bracketing mode, do you see three bracketed images in the viewfinder, or only one, or none? Or did you see 3 at first, only for that to change over use? I'd really, really much appreciate anybody's feedback on this. TIA.
  2. OK. Weird one. Bought a graphite X-Pro2 a week ago. Got the 23mm in the package. So far so good. BUT... I set the review ('Screen Set Up' > 'Image Display') to 1,5 seconds. Whether I shoot single, or continuous, or ae/iso/film simluation bracket, I should get to see what I've just shot for a second and a half. (If I don't want to see what I've just shot, I set the review to 'Off' - in which case I see no image review.) Right? The image review works for the first week. That's logical. That's how it should be. But towards the end of the week, I'd shoot ae bracket, with Image Display set at 1,5 seconds. No review. Shoot another three shots in ae - I get a 1,5 second review. I shoot another ae bracket - no review. And another - no review. Then another - a 0,5 second review. Then 1,5 seconds again. And now, I get no image review whatsoever. I check my settings again. (I go to 'Spanner' in the menu > 'Screen Set Up' > 'Image Display'. I can choose 'Off', 0,5 seconds, 1,5 seconds, or Continuous.) I choose '1,5 seconds'. At the beginning of the week, I get 1,5 seconds. Then it started getting flakey. Nothing, or 1,5 seconds, or 0,5 seconds. And now I get nothing - ie. as if I'd chosen 'Off'. The image review only works now when I'm shooting Single Frame. (Then I can get 1,5 secs, or ,5 sec, or continuous, or off.) I seriously don't get this. (I just updated the firmware today, which was successful, and just did a reset.) What am I missing? Before I take it back to the shop, I thought I would ask the experts first...
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