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  1. Well I bit the bullet and placed an order {back ordered} on the BH Photo web site lets see what happens.
  2. One thing that's a con? I cant find any in stock anywhere!
  3. The last year or two its been the 18-55 for me however I literally just bought the 55-200 two days ago and I am loving that lens
  4. Hey all Been a member for a while just not active. I have an Xpro 2 since the model came out a few years ago. I love it! I took an absence from photography due to well life in general. I still shoot with the Nikon system as well, currently own a d500 and d750 as well. I learned on the Nikon System. I started out on an old Nikormat F from years ago. I took two classes in high school many moons ago lol. I love the digital but every once in a while I shoot film for kicks. I hope everyone is doing ok in these trying times. Stay safe out there, it is great to be back behind the lens!
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