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  1. It has been a long time since I posted my last image here. One more photo taken with my beloved Fuji XT1 camera and Fujinon 10-24mm lens
  2. Trying my new 10-24mm lens
  3. One more from me Fuji XT1+23 mm lens
  4. Nice capture, Nero! I do like the dynamics in this image. Just bought XF 10-24mm lens, eager to try it out
  5. I like the pattern Well spotted!
  6. Hi Harlem, I have checked your link. Very good images! Although I do like the B&W coversion, but the colour ones look very interesting and unusual!
  7. Hi, Please post your modern architecture images done with Fuji cameras! Lines, shapes, B&W, colours, etc. I will start with one of my images
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