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  1. Thanks Merlin for the tip. Took a look at your photo gallery and enjoyed the experience.
  2. Hi, have managed to get a grip of most of the settings by trial and error. The manual is poor with regard to info and it's a shame that there is not a good book to guide you through the camera. Have found the jpgs excellent and the camera has some good features. Love the macro settings and have managed to get some good photos. This camera is a joy to use once you get to grips with it. Would be nice to hear from other members with their experiences using the camera.
  3. Hello have recently purchased the X30 but have found the manual not very clear so would appreciate some advice on settings ect. Have been shooting mainly in jpg which I find very good but will also shoot raw. At present I use Lightroom but have just downloaded Silkypix not sure how it will compare. Would I be better off processing in camera? Will be visiting Slovenia in September so hope to be able to take some very good landscapes.Also have a Panasonic G5 but feel the Fuji x30 might be my best option for traveling. Would appreciate any help or advice you can give me with regard to this wonde
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