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  1. Nice info. Thanks much!
  2. The only think I can think of is to check that you're truly are in manual mode.
  3. Say, what converters are you using to use old lenses?
  4. If you've tried other batteries and the camera is still doing the same thing, it's probably not a battery issue; something else, electronically, is not cooperating anymore! You may need to get it serviced or even try cleaning the terminals.
  5. If you're talking about the regular incandescent bulb symbol, that should works. Also, from Ken Rockwell's site: Tungsten (symbol of a light bulb also called "indoor"): Very, very blue most of the time except indoors at night, for which it looks normal. "Tungsten" is the name of the metal out of which the bulb's filament is made. Even indoors many people prefer the warmer AUTO setting. TRICK: Set -1 or -2 exposure compensation and use this setting in daylight to simulate night!
  6. I see. Good to know. I couldn't seem to find any albums of any members (other than the main album). That's what was throwing me. Alright, then, thanks a lot.
  7. Say, if someone gets a chance, could you please pop over to http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/5550-how-to-upload-images/?view=getnewpost (in the Misc category under the Fuji X Forum section). I'm not sure which album I'm to upload images, and I don't know that the thread I started to get some help for this is very visible. Thanks.
  8. Been out practicing wide tracking at the park. In that I missed what you said about wide-tracking AF-C --that it allows you to "initially" set the focus point -- I was back in masochistic mode until I reread the post. Yeah, Doug, I can certainly see how getting a feel for wide tracking will have it's benefits. I'll be practicing that a bit more as I go along. Too, the info you've given me here, and in your DPReview article has really helped (that is, when I've paid attention!). Thanks for taking the time to post here as intricately as you have. As I remember it, there wasn't near the learning curve with my D3200 as there has been with this mirrorless, but it's well worth it. For Post, I used to use Lightroom, but I'm not spending $120 a year for it, so I bought PSE 15...another learning curve! But this x-T10 is definitely fun and great for street photography, which is my passion. We'll, thanks again.
  9. Hey all, While looking at the Gallery and thinking about uploading a few images, I was presented with the option of either creating an album or using the existing Members album. I'm not sure which to choose. I couldn't find other albums while in the Gallery, and that added more confusion. Which should I choose? Thanks much, Starkman
  10. Oddly enough, Doug, most of the reviews I've read on the X-T10 weren't to thrilled about wide tracking; that and the subpar video. But I guess you do what you have to do. As to zone for tracking, yeah, I saw that problem right away. I stay away from zone for the most part anyway, unless everything I want in focus in the zone is at the same focal distance from the camera. Otherwise it's a crap shot. And good article, too. I don't know that I'll be able to remember the wide-tracking use of CDAF / PDAF since I will seldom use wide tracking. I am, however, going to give wide tracking a try. It definitely sounds useful in that you can choose the focus point. That's a plus, for sure. Take care.
  11. Thanks guys. Well, as to the use of AF-C with the X-T10 being masochistic, hek, I've only sliced both wrists twice and attempted to hang myself once. Not bad, considering! As expected, using just the shutter button locks in the exposure (on AF-C); hence, as you said, Doug, back-button focusing is better here. My problem was that even using back-button focus I couldn't get the AF-C to work but only once in a while. And then I figured out why. I wasn't just trying to track things, I was also trying to move the camera from it's initial focused area to another area to see how the focusing would react. The camera wouldn't respond most of the time, which, okay, I get it: "Hey, give me something to track or shoot in single focus, idiot!" Got it. But even when I try tracking, it's a bit of a task (part of that masochistic stuff you mentioned, Doug). It works, but it is definitely limited: single-point focus, for instance, seems much more comfortable either tracking object that are coming somewhat more so in or away from my direction, or objects moving fairly slowly. Understanding this now, I can see what I'm in for, and that's fine. I'll deal with it: I'll buy an X-T20 and then carry the X-T10 along just so it gets more and more jealous as time goes on. Let's get sadistic! Hey, thanks again, all. I appreciate the input. This camera is a bit of a change from my Nikon D3200, but it's a cool little camera.
  12. Hey all. Still getting familiar with my X-T10. The issue now is when I try to use continuous Focus mode (pressing and holding the shutter button half way), I can't do so without locking in the exposure, which isn't something I want; the exposure, obviously can change as the subject moves. Not sure if this can be gotten around. Thanks.
  13. Oh,one last question: in that I don't use manual mode that often, will turning off the feature save some battery?
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