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  1. I can't help but feel envious when I hear such praise about Leica being so "innovative" and "daring". Leica releases a camera with no screen and it's marvel for those that want one less distraction while photographing. Fuji does a similar move with the X-pro 3 and it's divisive, even though you still get a screen if you don't want one. That leads me to my main point that I still want Fuji to release a monochrome camera. Sure, could I save up and buy Leica? Sure, but I think the Fuji system offers more to me than just price. I think they always have more value than leica in terms of features, and I think Fuji is more humble as a brand, where they don't flaunt their brand as a luxury class item. Anyway, I hope to see a monochrome sensor Fuji camera in the future.
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I want a camera with less features. I really liked the idea of what Nikon did with the Df, but I don't think they went far enough. They took their top sensor, shoved it into a remolded D600, took away the video and called it good. I want something less: No video, no back screen, no exposure comp. Pure manual, like with the film cameras. While I started photography all digitally, I have taken a course with black and white film and it was great: The simplicity of shooting with no chimping, the thoughtfulness of changing and checking the dials and exposure before shooting, and the simple thought of not worrying about gear. I just had a small 50mm or 28mm on my Canon AE-1, grabbed a couple rolls of film, and I was set for the day. I want that simplicity with a camera; preferably a Fujifilm camera. I like the XT-1 a lot. It also happens to cost a lot. For this camera I'm talking about that's similar to film, I want these features: Weather Sealing (I don't want to worry about the elements, which makes shooting my only thought.) Fully manual control (Just the ISO and shutter speed dials, and maybe a front dial for changing aperture if the lens doesn't have it.) No back screen (I'd like to make the phone app more useful and use the phone as the means to change multiple settings, similar to the gopro's where more control comes from using the phone app) Same EVF of XT-1 (It's a great EVF, and you have to view the world somehow.) Larger Grip Accessories (I like my DSLR grip. I have a Canon T3i, and even still I want a larger, deeper grip. Smaller cameras are nice, but mirrorless cameras can be hard to hold and they don't get much battery.) Cheaper price (This may be hard to accomplish, but if it could come under $1000, like $700 or so, that would be great.) Optional ideas: Black and white sensor (No color available, like with the Leica monochrome. Personally though I'd like this to be a sister model or special edition that is released along with the normal, color X-tran version.) Full frame (Being used to shooting on a T3i, the APS-C size sensor is poor for low light. I've never shot a Fuji camera, and if the hype is real then maybe this point is moot, but it would be kind of nice to have something directly compete against the Sony A7 series, and Fujfilm is already doing well with APS-C sized sensor.) Similarly, I'd like an X100 that had features similar to these. If anything, I'd like these ideas to be showcased on an X100 first before a XT-1 model is made. Additionally, I'd like to see some new lenses come out, like a weather sealed 56mm f1.2, and an ultra wide f2.8 zoom to match the medium and tele f2.8 zooms. Finally a small (35mm equiv) 18mm lens would be nice as well. Then I'd pack all three weather sealed lenses: the 18mm, the 50mm, and 135mm equivalents.
  3. I'm going to dream big here and I want Fuji to complete the Fuji-X system with an ultra-wide f2.8 zoom and get some nice radio flahes. Though, for a single camera, I really want a completely weather sealed X100T. Nothing too crazy.
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