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  1. Nice shots, I'm selling an old canon 60d and a few canon lenses for around $700-800. So I'm planning on buying a couple extra batteries, one more SD card that I need, I'm debating on whether or not to get the vertical grip or just go ahead and get a used 35 f1.4. I've found a few online that are in perfect working condition (I assume, I'll be very careful selecting which one) that range from $275-400. I think I'll take the glass over the vertical grip for now. I hate the thought of making my X-T2 the size of a typical full frame DSLR
  2. i meant more in general about what I already know. Not exactly as he describes it. For example transformation of exposure variables, correlation of predictor variables, and interpretation of results. I'm not reading this book and saying to myself "oh okay so this is how it is done". It's just a book, written by one photographer and his methods and experiences with exposure. Basically I'll still read the book, but I am not changing my techniques based on a page about whatever he's writing. It's always nice to see how others approach things, so I'll get my moneys worth and finish the book.
  3. Thanks for all of the feedback, the 18-55 f2.8 is great and I love it. However I do feel the need for a prime lens, for me it has to do with my creative process (if that makes sense). I'm thinking of the 35 f1.4 (used if I can find it), because the price isnt way up there. I know Fuji makes quality glass and the $ is worth it, but investing $600-2k in lenses and other accessories when I want to will be out of the question for at least 6 months.
  4. If anyone will take the time to read, or wants some photography e-books, here ya go. https://www.lightstalking.com/23-free-photography-e-books/
  5. Yeah the only reason I bought "Understanding Exposure" is because I'd read from many people online, and heard through some photographers interviews, that it as basically the best photography book. That is wasnt just about Exposure, people made it sound like a must have book for any photographer, even professionals. What I've read so far I already know, and what I've skimmed through and havent read completely just seems like every other book thats written about digital photography. I live in Tyler, TX. Yeah I've basically gained the impression that most new books, especially about digital photography, are essentially the same. They are just through a different photographers perspective / experience. That's just my opinion though. The internet has tons of free e-books I can read on my tablet or phone. I do wanna check out some of the older books though, I'll have to pay a visit to the Library here. Which now that I look at the library on google maps, there is an interesting shot I wanna get in that area also
  6. Just took a look at https://www.flickr.com/groups/fujinon_xf18-55mm/pool/page2 which basically answered my question, and inspired me a little. I would still love to hear what you guys have to say about it. your experiences and so on.
  7. Hello, I said all of this in my introduction. Completely drained my budget buying the X-T2 18-55 f2.8 kit. And I wont be able to afford any other lenses anytime soon. Right now I've got some projects I plan on starting soon. The projects include a lot of B&W Industrial (train stations, power plants, etc) landscape shots, traditional landscapes, quite a bit of urban decay, and night photography / long exposures. My question is, will the 18-55 f2.8 ,in general, be able to handle these types of shots? I know the answer requires knowledge of my skill level as a photographer, and things like that. And I know fuji has primes that are better for tjis type of photography, but other lenses are out of the question for a while. So, what has anyone elses experience been like with this lens on some of these types of shots? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  8. I just got the X-T2 18-55 kit from B&H about a week ago. I just wanted to know what other people wouldve chosen, because I admit I had thought of the other option. But seeing as I plan on using this camera as a primary, I know I made the right choice. I'm just inpatient in general, and especially when it comes to getting other gear for my setup. I'm planning on getting some extra batteries and the grip, a couple more quick 128gb+ cards, and then I'll worry about glass. Seeing as how buying just the XT2 18-55 kit completely drained my budget. I've had PS+LR, a bag, tripod, etc.
  9. I was just wondering what books (if any) other Fujifilm X series users are, or have read. Right now I'm re-reading "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson, if you havent read it I highly recommend it. So what are you guys reading? or are there any books that you would recommend?
  10. yeah, thats just crazy lol. I bought the discount ebook version for $8. It's actually a very informative and helpful book, then again so it the user manual + internet feedback. I think its worth the $8-15 for the e-book, but i would not spend $50+ for a hard copy.
  11. Has anyone had a chance to browse through, or read this book? http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/tony-phillips/the-complete-guide-to-fujifilms-x-t2-color-edition/paperback/product-23079575.html I've seen it for $122, $62 for a paperback copy. The kindle / Ebook version of it is $15-30. It has great reviews. I just wanted to know if anyone had read it, and if so, how good is it.
  12. I just wanted to ask a question, and I know there are other factors that play into the question like weather sealing, what you shoot, etc. But if you had a choice between the X-T2 18-55mm f2.8 kit by itself, or the X-T20 18-55mm F2.8 kit + an additional X series lens that cost less than $900ish, which would you choose and why? I apologize if this topic has been done already, or seems to lack information.
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