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  1. Perhaps you could use a red paint pen or a thin piece of red tape at the "0" position? Just so it's easier to see if it's moved? One thing I loved about the X-pro1 is that dial was smaller and less likely to get moved by accident.
  2. I agree that it doesn't look like scratches. When tilted back and forth in a good light source, there's no indication of actual surface damage that would be typical of a marred surface. I also agree that it doesn't look like oil or other residue, and certainly didn't behave like it. I wonder if it's something under the surface between the layers on top of the sensor? Could it be pressure induced? I suppose Fuji will have to tell me. I assume they've seen it before, I can't be the first person who's experienced this. Normally I would hold on to an item longer and try to figure it out myself. I'm usually quite adept at delicate work with my hands, but my camera is something I just can't live without, and the more time I spent pondering the longer it would take to ship and fix. A fuji service rep quoted 2-3 weeks after arrival just to look at it. Oof!
  3. Hi BlueVespa, I took your advice and tried some other techniques for removing the marks. Nothing worked, so I have sent it off to Fujifilm. Fingers crossed that it's not a super expensive repair. I've read great things and terrible things about Fuji's service department. I'll post the results so that if anyone else is having the same problem it may be useful information.
  4. Hi fugu82, maybe I'll give that a shot. I'll look their info up now.
  5. Hi Milandro, thanks for the reply. Well, I'm sending it off to Fuji for a repair estimate. 2-3 weeks just to look at it, ouch, and they wouldn't give me any info on how much parts cost over the phone, so I have no idea what the cost of the repair might be. Fingers crossed I guess!
  6. Hi everyone. New to the forum. I have been using Fuji cameras for just under 3 years now. I currently shoot with an Xpro2 which I adore. Today I was cleaning the sensor with eclipse fluid and swabs. I noticed these marks appeared and gave a couple more goes with the fluid and swabs but do not seem to be able to remove the marks. I'm hoping it's not permanent damage. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks in advance for any guidance!
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