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  1. Hi ! He is a post about cleaning a fuji X-t2 camera. https://blog.laurencebichon.com/how-to-clean-dust-from-a-fujifilm-mirrorless-camera/ HTH and happy shooting 🙂 Laurence
  2. Hi I recently made some researches regarding my sports photography : how to get less noise and more details with my high ISO Fuji files. I wanted to share this with you in this post : https://blog.laurencebichon.com/en/sports-photography-with-fuji-at-high-iso-less-noise-more-details/ Bye Laurence
  3. Hi ! Just wrote a post about my setting for sports with the fuji : https://blog.laurencebichon.com/en/why-is-fuji-is-my-camera-for-sports-photography/ Don't hesitate to ask for precisions 🙂 Happy sport shooting Laurence
  4. Hi I wrote this post on my settings for streetphotography with the Fuji X-T2. https://blog.laurencebichon.com/en/fuji-x-t2-my-settings-for-streetphotography Bye !
  5. Hi Sandro Thanks for your feedback ! Did not know NeatImage. Will give it a look ! Bye Laurence
  6. Hi all, Spring came out of nowhere 3 weeks ago, bringing with it small and tender leaves and flowers. I got photography fever… Then I got worms when editing my Fuji X-T2 raw files with Lightroom... Here is my journey. https://blog.laurencebichon.com/en/fuji-xt2-raw-artifacts-and-worms Please let me know your own journey. What do you think ? Enjoy spring shooting ! Laurence
  7. Hi Chuck. Have you tested them ? What is your feedback ? I face the same issue : my laptop crashed. Use it for remote work and travel. Had to review tons of info... And finally chose a gamer laptop. https://blog.laurencebichon.com/en/search-for-laptop-for-photoshop-and-captureone Will tell later if it was wise... Looking forward to learn about CPU Solutions ! Bye Laurence
  8. Hi all I researched a lot, seeking info related to shooting sport photography when I considered my big jump from DSLR to the Fuji x-t2. I did not find a lot, so having done the jump, I wish to share today my experience about the ergonomic differences between the Fuji x-t2 and the Canon 5dm3 for sports (at least the way I shoot sports :-) ). https://blog.laurencebichon.com/en/9-ergonomic-differences-of-fujifilm-x-t2-and-canon-5dm3-for-sports Please share also your experiences and preferences ! Laurence
  9. Hi Kayakjunkie about your question : 4) Batteries. Fuji or generic? Has anyone seen any difference in performance, charge duration, charging time, longevity, etc.? I use Patona batteries. You've got the yellow ones and the new green ones, which are more powerfull. I noticed a difference in the charge indicator you can display in the EVF, which indicates the remaining power of your battery : with my Patonas, the level jumps from 2 remaining bars to nothing abruptly. But knowing this, they are great. Hope this helps !
  10. Thanks Bob. Do not hesitate to add your experiments on this as well !! Laurence
  11. Hi anhsnaps, yes you can. I do not have stats yet about the ratio of in focus shots... Pretty I I might say... Working on this... This is a very good question. Will try to tell in this forum after a while of shooting. Same thing with my settings. I'm shooting one match with one setting, then analyze, then try another... Takes also time, but it's on its way ! Laurence
  12. Hi ! I recently migrated from a canon to a fuji x-t2 for my sport photography. I had to find out how to focus sometimes on the left of the frame, and then a split second later to focus on the right of the frame... And... it's easy ! I describe how I do it on this post : https://blog.laurencebichon.com/en/simple-way-switch-focus-left-right-sport-photography-fuji-x-t2/ If you have additional ideas, suggestions, please leave a comment…Thanks ! Laurence
  13. Hi For a long time I wanted to test the Lensbaby Edge 80 with the fuji x-t2... Done... It's fun and dreamy ! I had to set a canon-to-fuji adaptor inbetween, as the Lensbaby has a Canon mount. so the result is a bit bulky, but I did not care in the forest :-) http://blog.laurencebichon.com/climbing-session-fuji-x-t2-lensbaby-edge-80/ Nice and fun experience guys ! Let me know if you enjoyed it also !!
  14. Thanks Jeremy for having answered to dcriner :-) Sorry I missed your question ans some weeks went out ! Happy shooting Laurence
  15. Hi Bjorke, I enjoy manual settings too :-) . But sometimes, for instance for street photography, I like the click-and-go process. If I want to expose for a subject in the light, click. Then A second later in the dark, another click. Personnaly, I can concentrate on the scene better :-)
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