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  1. I have found the discrepancy1 I have been using 'Fast Raw Viewer' to browse my raw files. It seems to be this that is causing the problem. When I open the same raw file in 'Apple Photo', 'Affinity" or 'Pixelmator' directly from the file there is nor aberrations at all. This is not true of my old X t2 files. Therefor posted a question with the 'FRV' developers and await their response. From experience it is probably my own error somewhere in preferences. Suffering on the internet front as well so 3rd world headaches all round! Thank you for the response.
  2. Inside the red shapes you can see a lot of , what I think is chromatic aberation. I cannot find anything similar in my X-t2 files. This is a screen grab from 200% enlargement but the image looks quite blurred in the affected area at 100%enlargement. Any thoughts?
  3. Wizz - is a bit open to interpretation. Can you be a little more specific?
  4. May I ask if you are printing the images yourself or sending them to a printers? Are you displaying in frames/on boards with no surround or other? Will you be printing the whole frame or are you planning to crop regularly? More questions than answers, but bear with me
  5. If your using Raf+jpg the EVF will reflect whatever film type you have chosen for the jpg..
  6. Question is in the title. My only attempts at vide previously were noisy, blurred, jumpy rubbish. So which lens and starter book should I look at to be on the right track? Reportage/interviews and a little gentle sport - showjumping and dog agility from out side the ring. Not close up pro. style just atmosphere for cutting in to chats.
  7. If you are not afraid to actually 'move about' then stick to a small selection of primes. The pancake is giving you 40mm FOV in full frame language and works brilliantly indoors/quits and street stuff. Its best kept on your camera covering those unexpected snatched captures. The 16/50 is not a lens that I kept for long. The 10/24 is my go to countryside lens (cannot afore the8/? newline) and I don't actually need anything faster as the tripod is always with me. The next very useful lens of exceptional quality is the 60mm macro (portraits/macro&sport) Beyond that you are getting back to the weight problem so to start that would be my starting lineup. Only piece of advice I can give without any worries about putting you wrong is - take a LOT OF PHOTOGRAPHS - keep notes and cull viciously. This willet you into the "Fuji Mode" of seeing and away from the Cannon. The images will THEN start to look like yours.
  8. Can only suggest re-downloading and start again. All my trials of the SilkyPics stuff, apart from Raw File Converter, have failed fro one reason or another:-(. That at least is stable and runs, albeit slowly.
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