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  1. Found the solution. Fuji added a flash mode (that the x-e1 doesn´t have) and that´s the only mode that triggers my Pocket Wizards. It´s the symbol with the external flash and a c next to it. Hope this info helps other people :-)
  2. I tested an old x-e1 in the same configuration and it works. I can´t believe the hotshoe actually is a "cold"-shoe. Fuji can´t be serious. I mean it´s not top of a line camera, but it sets you back 550$ and you are not permitted to actually use the camera in a professional environment? Rediculous!
  3. Hi there! I am new to this forum, since I just bought a X-A3 and would like to use it in a studio environment with strobes. The problem I am facing ist that neither my Pocket Wizard Plus II nor an Elinchrom radio trigger will work with the camera. I´ve searched all sorts of related posts from x-a2 or x-m1 users and think I did not miss anything. I am using the camera in M- mode, have single frame mode selected, flash is forced or enabled, silent mode is turned off. As far as I could find out those might cause the flash or radio trigger not to work. Anything else I have missed? Thanks for any hints. Best regards, Oliver
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