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  1. I probably would have never have guessed this one. Greybeard proves the value of community learning and support.
  2. No word yet from B&H. Thought I was an early buy-in, thinking that that would put me in front of the hoard. But, dang, looks like I'm merely one-of-many. Hope to have before a trip first week of October.
  3. Fuji is proving, again, to be hyper-sensitive about, and focused on, customer satisfaction. By the way, the x-t3 owners manual has also been recently posted on their website.
  4. Is that the in-camera film sim B&W? Looks like a slight sepia tone. Very nice.
  5. Here's one guess: If holding the camera in portrait orientation (vertical mode?) does any part of an arm or hand (or even a camera strap) obstruct the eye sensor? If so it will think your eye is at the viewfinder and blank the lcd and transfer the view to the evf.
  6. It's a bit odd: While the EVF has an "auto" mode the LCD can be adjusted only manually, in increments. No auto. Before getting the camera I just assumed the the display screen automatically adjusted for ambient light. I was unpleasantly surprised to find that isn't the case; at default brightness I find the display nearly unviewable when used outside in full sun.
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