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  1. I'll have a play in the daylight tomorrow and see but if it was ISO related I'd have expected it to be present on the LCD and the Evf. Also when you zoom into the image on review the lines stay at the same pitch on the screen which is what made me think it's a display issue.I'll keep fiddling! Andy Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  2. Just noticed that my LCD display is all stripey. It's not in the pictures and not in the evf but it's very pronounced on the LCD. It's independent of lighting (Led and W tested) and isn't anything to do with the mechanical or electronic shutter. Anyone else had the same? Should I be emailing Fujifilm? Photos below are from my phone. Ones with stripes are taken from the LCD. Ones without are taken through the eyepiece of the Evf. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  3. So might be the best of both worlds. I got myself a mint condition x-m1 did only £139 and may have enough money left over after the sale of my nikon (plus a bit of pocket money) to get myself b x-e2 as well later. Fantastic! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for that. It's quite amazing that your can get an xe2 for well under £300. Is the x m1 worth looking at? It's a bit smaller and doesn't have the proper dials but does have the same sensor. I'll go and have a look at the size of the xe2 in a shop. See if it's small enough. Thanks for your advice. Andy Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  5. 50-140 plus 2x tc? I used this combo for Le mans this year and worked really well. Also maybe more likely to use the 50-140 afterwards? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, I've got an x-t2 after selling my nikon FF gear. I have some nice glass (1.4 primes and 2.8 zooms.). I'd like to get a second body that I can use my lenses with. Something pocketable with the 27mm pancake on, but be able to use it with other glass if needed. Question is, what should I get. Don't have loads of money for it as it's just a spare camera. Probably £300 or so. Happy with a second hand body. It will be funded by the sale of my remaining nikon j5 and 10-30mm which still (surprisingly) command decent second hand prices. Old x-e1, x-m1, x-pro 1?? Can you give me some pointers. Still newish to the x ecosystem. Thanks. Andy Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  7. I used my 50-140 with a 2x TC when I went to le mans last year and it worked really well. That's about 400mm at f/5.6 in 35mm terms. The only drawback, which was a drawback of the whole system rather than that lens combo, was not being able to shoot at f/11 or smaller than continuous high and past detect AF. It was sunny and I wanted to try to stay the shutter to get some blurred backgrounds. If you'd like some samples, let me know. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  8. It seems to discharge the batteries in a different order depending on the mode used. See my older thread. http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/index.php?/topic/5539-X-t2-grip-discharging-batteries-unevenly If you don't need to use a particular mode then maybe try using a different one. Hopefully the November firmware might address this. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  9. I've not used the f/2 but the "performance" of the f/1.4 is fine. I can track my kids and they move pretty fast and erraticly! It's nothing like the 35mm f/1.4 which is slow and clunky. I find the rendering fine, not as good as the 35mm and 16mm f/1.4, but still fine. If you have size, weight or money contestants is too for the f/2, if not get f/1.4.. I got the 1.4 to have that extra subject separation. Coming from full frame I was worried about more enforced depth of field with a smaller sensor. I was glad I went for a full suite of 1.4 glass for this reason alone. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  10. I can find the fluid. Photographic Solutions Eclipse Lens and CCD Cleaning Fluid https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004WBR8C6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_zDVPzb89W8RKD But can't find wipes. Do you use anything specific? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks, I'll look those up. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  12. I'd say use photoshop if you've got 3 hours to edit 5 images. Use lightroom if you've got 45 mins to edit 200 images! It's a whole different workflow. FWIW I use Lightroom for 98% of my editing. For the remaining 2 % I send the image from lightroom to photoshop for tweaking and it goes back to lightroom for inclusion in my export list. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  13. Hi, before my x-t2 I've been used to pro end dslrs which seem to resist dust and dirt build up a bit more due to the mirror blocking the dirt path when a lens is off. Due to this reducing the frequency of a clean and my dslrs costing a fair bit more I've always had them cleaned by my local camera repair shop. The x-t2 seems to get more dirty, more quickly and I'd like to be able to clean the sensor myself. What products do you find are good from your experience? Colleagues at work say Arctic Butterfly but I've no experience. Is there anything I should be wary of buying cleaning stalks etc for use with the x-t2? Thanks for any advice. Andy Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  14. I'm sure it is a false claim. Not many achieve it. Be thankful you're not A Sony STF shooter. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  15. Oooh, I have it and not used it much, mainly because it's only f/2.8, sounds like I should give it a go. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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