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  1. So I ended up having to order an entire lens assembly from China. It cost me $109 and took a month to get here. That part...well, it's affixed -- from the factory -- to the front of the camera with double-sided tape. So FujifilmUSA wanted to charge me $400 to replace a piece of sticky-backed decorative metal. Crazy...
  2. I wish I knew! I have no idea. I think I lost it on a photo walk, but I've never dropped the camera. It has a lens hood on it *normally* which makes this even more infuriating. I only noticed it the next time I went to use the camera. FujifilmUSA wants $447 to fix it. I'm guessing they're selling the whole lens assembly.
  3. Hello fellow X100* users. I purchased an X100T in September 2016, and while out on a walk a few weeks ago, the front ring around the lens that has the words "fujinon aspherical lens Super EBC 23mm..." disappeared. I honestly can't find it even after I retraced my steps. Well, Fuji won't cover it under warranty because I don't have the part, but that's for another rant at another time. I need to know what this part is called / part number so I can find one and order it. It's the part in this picture, and it's apparently something that can come off the lens. Also, if anybody has one of these that you're willing to sell, please let me know. It looks really ugly without it. I've got a UV filter on it to keep the dust out, but I'd really like it to look normal again.
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