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  1. Yes, they probably do expect that, since it's the only way to set the ISO. I suppose they don't want to admit the ISO dial is a pain in the neck, and that by allowing the command dial (or the Q menu) to set ISO nobody would use the dedicated dial any more. I know I wouldn't. Dick
  2. I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that FW 4.0 brought the X-T1 up to the latest functionality as represented by the X-T10. I was just watching Damien Lovegrove's comparison of the two cameras (see Fuji Rumors section of this forum) and he mentioned being able to control ISO using the front command dial with the X-T10. I don't see any way to do that with my X-T1; I get the same old aperture or shutter-speed choices for the front and rear dials. I would very much like to be able to do this, as the locking ISO dial is my only real gripe with the X-T1. Am I mistaken about this? If not, I wonder why Fuji hasn't made this flexible option available on the supposedly top-of-the line X-T1? Dick
  3. Bob, Nice pic and my sentiments exactly. Here's a sample of my first day trying this lens on my X-T1.
  4. I was looking for something a little wider than my X100T and X-T1 with the 18-135. I didn't want a wide-angle prime and didn't want the expense/no OIS/size/weight of the XF 16-55, so bought a used XC 16-50 for $199 including hood and caps, in "like-new minus" condition in KEH's rating system. I thought it might serve for occasional use when I wanted the 16mm length, but was pleasantly surprised to find this little guy is a very nice lens in general once you get past the plastic and lack of switches and aperture ring. I believe it is substantially better in every way except build quality than the 18-55 I sold when I got the 18-135. The sharpness and color/contrast for landscape work is outstanding, and the OIS seems to work very well. I don't see much in the way of comment about this lens; maybe everybody who got it as a kit lens sold theirs? Dick
  5. I'm at least partially a landscape shooter; I take a lot of family and travel photos, too, but my favorite things to photograph are scenics: desert, mountains, big old trees, etc. I enjoy making up to 13x19 prints on my Epson R2880, not very large by today's standards, but just right for me. I've just been looking at a lot of photos from raw files, from my days of using Canon gear with top-quality L-glass, and using the latest ACR version to re-process them. It's very instructive to compare the results with my Fuji gear, currently just the X100T and the X-T1 with the 18-135 lens (I sold my X-E2 plus 14, 27, 18-55, and 55-200 lenses to arrive at this combination that suits me perfectly). While the Canon photos are very nice, the combination of the modern X-Trans sensor and Fuji's lenses as processed in ACR + PS, just blows them away in every area I can think of. I believe that anyone who disparages the X-Trans sensor's results just hasn't made the effort to learn how to process its raw files properly. It's really not very difficult; I highly recommend taking a look at Ming Thein's video "Photoshop Workflow II". He even has a separate section on processing Fuji files. It's well worth the time to learn from this master photographer and teacher: http://mingtheinstore.outthink.us/home/25-a2-photoshop-workflow-2.html
  6. Touch screen is also something that many of us DON'T want and don't want to pay for. I had it back in my Panasonic m43 days and hated it; first thing I did was go to the setup menu and disable it. Hooray for Fuji for not going this way (so far).
  7. I get very frustrated with statements like this. Many of us are getting absolutely fantastic image quality from LR or ACR with Xtrans sensors. Have you tried the latest version of either one?
  8. With firmware 4.0 you can lock any or all combinations of buttons, which I find to be better than setting them to some useless function as some have suggested. Just go to Menu/Setup/Lock/Function Selection, and tick off the buttons you want to lock. Then go to Lock Setting and set the lock to Selected.
  9. Two gifts lately, one from Adobe for all X-Trans shooters and one from Fuji for the X-T1 crowd, have made my enjoyment of Fuji photography even better than it was. I haven't heard a whole lot of appreciation for ACR/LR improvements in the latest CC2015 release, but Adobe's X-Trans raw processing is now very good, enough that I have gone back to using ACR exclusively, where I had been using mostly PhotoNinja. And the 4.0 firmware for the X-T1 is icing on a cake that was already very sweet. Dick
  10. I used a Gordy's strap on my X-E2 with 18-55 before I sold them, but it's not comfortable with the X-T1 since my main lens now is the heavier 18-135. I ended up going back to my old Op-Tech padded strap that I used way back in the Canon DSLR era (only 3 years ago but it seems like forever). I like the quick disconnects with the Op-Tech also. The Gordy's is hard to get on and off easily with those split rings. Otherwise, for the right camera/lens combo it's a good strap with a very clean design. Dick
  11. I've already said "Thanks" a number of times with my credit card. Dick
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