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  1. I had that 23 for a while on my camera and truly it was fabulous. But I'm just starting the street photo adventure, and the fact is that 23 is more universal for street and any other occasion. But you have to be really close to your subject and it is stressful for me. xD But maybe it is a good oportunity to overcome that fear and that's why I considering this lens. But i just wonted to know how good is the 35 because of its price which is slightly lower than 23.
  2. Nice website mate . What about the sharpness and bokeh on 1,4? I'm little crazy with this two parameters
  3. Hi guys. Can U tell how good in fact is this lens? Is it worth the money? If it not depends on focal lenght, the xf23 is really this better, with the price almost twice as high?
  4. Maybe the pro shop you are writing about used some expired cleaning fluid or something.. It should be electrostatic right?
  5. This is the new place to spend evenings xD
  6. I would recommend to buy a cleaning kit . My cost a few dollars and yesterday I shot on 22. It was clean as a whistle really.
  7. Hi there. I wonder if someone had a mechanical shutter failure in his or her X-T1 ? Mine is ok for now but im curious for how long it will be alive. Greetings
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