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    godspeed reacted to johant in 35mm f2 vs f1.4   
    Tried the f/2 of a friend, and decided to keep my f/1.4. It's magic.
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    godspeed reacted to citral in 35mm f2 vs f1.4   
    Only people who never owned the F1.4 find the F2 better, they want to feel comfortable about their purchase which is understandable.
    But look at both flickr galleries and you'll immediatly see where the keepers are.
    Now the 50mm F2 is in a different league than the 23 and 35 F2 (which are "consumer lenses" imo. Not that it's bad, they are very good for the low price)
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    godspeed reacted to Sluw in 35mm f2 vs f1.4   
    Sharper is just not true, especially with the 23 and 50/56mm ones. 
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    godspeed reacted to Elsee in 35mm f2 vs f1.4   

    I started with 35 f/2 and was pretty happy with it, except for the huge amount of distortion in RAW and the AF, very fast, but often unreliable. I bought the f/1,4 and owned both for a few weeks. Finally decided to sell the f/2 and keep the f/1,4 because of the more reliable AF (even if it is not superfast), and for the overall rendering at f/1,4 which I found very pleasant. But both are very good lenses, "the" best one is a matter of taste. 
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    godspeed reacted to renes in Fujinon 23mm f1.4 vs f2 character   
    Both 23mm do not have that "sould" 35/1.4, 60/2.4 and 18/2 have (+ 90/2). I found all new f2 WR primes bring ordinary rendering (excluding sharpness) to boring regarding character and "soul". I am selling my 35/2 and buying again 35/1.4. I am also affraid future 35/1.4 mk2 will lose "soul" of the mk1.     
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    godspeed reacted to AZWolf in Leica vs Fuji vs Sony   
    I have to agree on the IQ with the Sony. I still have my Sony and all the Zeiss glass as I haven't been able to get myself to part with it. I've logged a lot of time and exposures on the Sony and it's OK but I still prefer the X-Pro2 (ask 2 photographers, get 3 opinions ;-) I love the craftsmanship of the Leica gear but it's a tough ROI as a pro. I'm working on an article comparing Leica and Fuji directly- I will post when I finish it.
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    godspeed reacted to Pierre in My favorite camera bag is...   
    I now own four ONA Bags :
    ONA The Bowery black leather : X-T2 + 16-55 f2.8 + 35f 1.4 (Day bag)
    ONA The Berlin black leather : X-T2  + 16-55 f2.8 + 90 f2 + 35 f1.4 (Short trip bag)
    ONA Prince Street black leather : X-T2 + 16-55 f2.8 + 90 f2 + 10-24 f4 + Tablet (Short trip bag)
    ONA Brixton nylon black : X-T2 + 16-55 f2.8 + 90 f2 + 35 f1.4 + 10-24 f4 + 13" laptop (Travel bag)
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    godspeed reacted to MrX100F in X100F Impressions   
    This is my take on X100F @ very early stage:

    1. Those looking for range, old style camera the x100f is awesome. 
    2. Color from RAW is beautiful, skin tone is excellent.
    3. The joystick is excellent.
    4. AF speed is fast, even in lower light
    6. Film Simulation is great. Works better with LR profile

    1. At wide open f2, lens kinda soft. Huge improve from f2.8 to smaller
    2. EVF is not super, compared to my XT-2
    3. No weather sealed
    4. Some bugs in AF-C mode. I see new firmware coming soon. Not a show stopper though
    Photos: https://dylannguyen.smugmug.com/Events/2017-03-07-Fuji-X100F-test-shots/
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