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  1. I set my BBF to the Rear Command Dial. Just feels more natural there than the AEL/AFL or EVF/OVF buttons for me. Very annoying to have to switch from M to S, from burst mode to STILL FRAME, and Fine+RAW to Fine for teleconverter use. Also not impressed with not being able to back button focus in any mode other than Manual Focus. This being my first Fuji camera, I was pretty confused for a couple of hours trying to figure out how to configure the X100F. Canon has a leg up with the BBF, Fuji! That said, this is still a very nice camera and I plan to keep it.
  2. Agreed, it would be nice to have the TC be accessible in RAW + JPEG mode and in Burst Mode. Additionally, I would really like to be able to use Back Button Focus in more than just Manual Mode.
  3. I received my black X100F a few days ago. No issues with the LCD. Make sure you contact your retailer for a replacement rather than deal with a warranty issue.
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