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  1. Well that's interesting if it's not getting the delay for you. I agree that the AF is super lightning fast on the first shot, but the subsequent shots are very, very slow. My point about full auto mode (as well as MF back-button focus mode) is that all shots are very fast, and I'd really like to have that brought to this specific mode. I think perhaps the fact that AF is sooo fast is the reason why it's suddenly disconcerting that this part is so slow.
  2. I agree, I didn't expect to enjoy it nearly this much either. I think one thing that really helps is that I've found myself shooting sometimes in medium jpeg, and if you use the digital teleconverter in the smaller filesizes you don't get the upscaling as much (I'm assuming it does the crop first, then the resizing). For back-button, I actually have it set in two places. I use the AEL/AFL button as well as the button that's on the EVF/OVF lever. That way wherever my hand is positioned, I have access to it a lot. That said, I've found myself using AF mode on the X100F a *lot* more than I ever could on my original X100.
  3. To clarify, it only ruins Autofocus mode in Aperture Priority mode, which is crucial for on-the-street shots where speed is paramount. The first shot I take is quick. The second shot (or any recomps if you release a half-press then want it back) is too slow to use. It's actually not the flickering ruins it, it's the forced delay. It's mostly a problem because the full auto mode *loves* F2.0, which just doesn't cut it in daylight street shooting, which is when I really need fast reaction times. Does it make it unusable in the most literal sense? No, because obviously pictures can be taken. Does it make it unusable in that there's a very specific, highly needed use-case where this issue makes me unable to use it? Yes. And I'm fine with being first to test and find weaknesses for this camera, My posting here isn't to complain as much as to hope that Fuji actually reads these forums. If there is a technical need for this behavior, that's great. If not, and it's just an oversight, hopefully they fix it. What's most frustrating is people asserting that this is a solution somehow to the previous aperture chatter, which it isn't. Or that I should refrain from commenting on these issues because I chose to buy the camera early and so should keep my mouth shut about things Fuji should improve.
  4. Obviously the camera needs to be at F2 while autofocusing, I have no issue with the aperture opening back up after you release the shutter. The issue is that it doesn't need to open the aperture so slowly that you can't take another photo. This isn't chatter. The chatter was before taking a photo. This is after the shutter is released, and it's not less audible. It's significantly more audible, and distracting as the display flickers. It also hinders the photo taking process, making Av mode in AF impossible to use in most situations.
  5. My main problem is that Auto mode so often (almost always) uses F2.0 even if there's plenty of light. So if I want more depth for street shooting, I need to set my aperture to F5.6 or something. But then the autofocus mode is unusable, especially because if I release my finger from the shutter it takes at least 3x as long to shoot the next shot than if I were in MF or full auto mode. If this is a feature I'd like to know what problem it solves, and if that's more important than ruining autofocus with a set aperture.
  6. I dunno if that explains the behavior though, since this isn't going from full to half, it's going from half to released. I'm gonna hope this is a (soon-to-be-resolved) bug.
  7. Right now, there's no way to set the digital teleconverter when you're in MF mode, without diving deep into the menus. In AF mode you can set it to the control ring, but of course that's not available in MF mode, and currently you can't set it to a function button for quick access. I actually really like the digital teleconverter, and since I usually shot in Medium size mode, I don't get as much image degradation since it crops and then doesn't need to upscale as much, if at all. I'm in MF with back-button focus most of the time, since focusing is quicker and in AF/Av mode the aperture release is super annoyingly slow and flickers the LCD/EVF screen. So, this post is mostly to get this on Fuji's radar, unless someone actually has found a way to do this. I gather they monitor this at least to some extent, and I'm sure this is an easy firmware addition if they choose.
  8. Mine does. I just made a similar video before seeing you already had one. I've narrowed it down (for anyone else looking to check) to when you're in AF-S mode, and Aperture Priority mode (Aperture set, Shutter speed to auto). It's really annoying *especially* because it makes the EVF and LCD flicker as it reverts. Hopefully this is a firmware bug, and can be fixed, because I can't see how it's proper behavior, as it snaps back open in all other modes.
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