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  1. Sometimes what you think is boring, is unique onto itself...say like a bench on the main avenue, that's used to wait for a bus? A street light, that is unique to your town. You could do a photo-a-day of anything...that is 'unique' .
  2. xt2 and xf 18-55 From my own, one-a-day , photo challenge....can you guess it?
  3. Fuji xt2 and XF 18-55
  4. Fuji xt2 and xf 18-55 lens.
  5. Taken with Fuji xt2 and XC 50-230!
  6. Fuji XT2 with 100 mm Takumar lens.
  7. I just acquired a used Tokina 100mm f 2.8 D macro lens, and shooting macro for the first time for me, I was impressed by the lens. Used it on an Xt2 with adapter. No doubt I need practice.! -g-
  8. Hello, Fairly new to interchangeable lenses and a total novice in the arena of adapters for non-fuji x lenses. I would like to buy a Zeiss 85mm zf nikon lens for my fuji xt2. What adapter would be the best for this? Thanks in advance BBestone
  9. Fairly new to the xt2. Was wondering if there is a way to set a toggle on/off switch for a grid view in the Q menu? If not, is there another way for fast access to turning it on and off? Thank you
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