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  1. Bought my X-Pro 3 from B & H last November (2019). I haven't even taken it out from the house all this time, so no photo shoots. I rarely power it up. Still on the 1st battery, but a couple weeks ago, I powered it on just to check the status, and it flashed low battery icon, then shut off by itself. I plugged it in last night to charge (odd, that the charge light is green? Thought it would be red until completely charged). Today, the camera wont power on. I tried the trick where you remove the battery while the power switch is on, then put the battery back in, but no luck
  2. The X10 was my first venture into Fujifilm cameras. It was awesome, fast to turn on, & LOVED the collapsable zoom lens. (I hate the fake "Digital Zoom" aka crop of the X70.) The viewfinder I appreciated, but found the hot shoe attachment variety of the X70 was beautiful to look at and to look thru! (yes, I would dream of a green focus confirmation overlay in the optical viewfinder; certainly the technology is out there for a small camera like the X40?) But after I jumped from the X10 to the X70, I immediately found myself missing 2 big things: The true optical zoom, and the PSAM dial on to
  3. Milandro (and Fujifilm), Taking the next step in the integrated zoom lens range of X-10, 20, 30 cameras to an X40 model with a larger sensor, modern FW attributes, etc...would NOT put the X40 in direct completion with the X-100 or X70 for one major reason: The PSAM dial on top of the consumer range is not on the X-100/X70 range. I started with an X10. Totally loved the retracting manual zoom and fast shooting capability, but jumped to the X70 for the larger sensor and 180 flip-up screen. Turns out I have had a hard time taking low light shots, or clear fast action shots with the X70.
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