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  1. I purchased the replacement eyecup from Amazon and it looks and fits just like the original. However you need to keep an eye on it when you remove the X-Pro2 from your bag. Mine came off so I'm extra careful now.
  2. I pulled my X-Pro2 out of my camera bag and discovered the rubber eyecup has a tear in it. This surprised me. I went to the Fujifilm USA website to see if I could order a replacement eyecup. They did not have one listed. I then called them and talked to a nice lady named Kelly, who then contacted a repair tech after I explained the issue. The tech wanted me to ship the camera back to them so they could "repair" the camera. They also wanted to charge me $180 for the "repair" plus labor. I said that was totally insane to charge me $180 for a $15 eyecup you can replace in 5 seconds. I just removed the eyecup and super glued the split eyecup back together. It works fine now but of course it's not new looking anymore. I'm disgusted with this "repair".
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