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  1. I think that video,made by Fuji, would go a long way in proving that Fuji must pay for minor rain exposure damage or face a loss and humiliation in court
  2. You are going to suffer a lot if such trivia is important to you
  3. Thank you for your help in deciding on weather sealing. This thread made up my mind:http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/4385-fuji-x-t2-weather-sealing-issues/ If Fuji will not stand behind their "weather sealing" with a bit of rain, I would prefer that rainhood of Milandro since I would need it in either case
  4. I did the Inca trail a long time ago,theft was bad then(they would even slit the pack on your back,and then sell you thread to repair it) and I would never take that huge heap of gear unless you are a pro selling your work.Even then it might ruin your hiking experience. I took only a fixed 35mm eq,and I dont think that I missed much photographically.When I was there it was quite cold,and dont forget the altitude factor.too
  5. I have used cameras for a long time, none of them weather sealed, without any damage from water or dust.In fact I don't recall it even being an issue.But now I am deciding between an xt2 and xt20 ,mainly on this basis and the $700 price difference.I will never be out in the rain with this gear, but it will be exposed to ordinary dust, and perhaps high tropical humidity.I am leaning towards the xt20.This has perhaps been covered before, but I can't find a search function.
  6. When traveling,formerly in third world, but now even in the new europe,I try to make everything look worthless to reduce theft.You have done good job of that.Now you can also use this as a metal brick on a leash to protect yourself in the formerly safe Holland
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