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    PeterPrism reacted to x-tc in second body   
    If you are 100% happy then get a second one. If you are not, figure out which model will address your concern.
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    PeterPrism reacted to macabee in second body   
    I agree, I bought a second body, as they are such a great deal these day's. The advantage is that you can switch seamlessly between them without a second thought.
    I use body 'A' with the 18~55mm lens and body 'B' with my 35mm f/1.4 prime for street photography, in fact this morning I am going out with my x-pro 'B' kit, 35 mm lens, spare battery & sd card in a Domke F-5XB all up weight 3.2 lb/1473g.
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    PeterPrism reacted to Shashinka Ichiban in second body   
    Just buy a second X-Pro1. Then you have two cameras that operate and perform the exact same way.
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