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  1. Agreed, this is a good article. I’ve experienced some fairly reliable camera shutdowns with the red battery warning icon as a result of using 3rd party batteries and shooting in 4K. The only way I’ve been able to mitigate this issue is to attach a USB-C external battery, in which case the camera is being powered by the USB battery or simply use a Fuji NP-W126S. It seems to have something to do with sustained current draw because the battery appears fine at first and then degrades rather quickly after that where you can power the camera back on but good luck shooting any more sustained video. I’ve tried turning off additional features that could draw lots of power but it’s not good enough for use in 4K. I’ve also had bulging third party batteries as per Dom’s article but no issue with the Fuji battery. thanks!
  2. Hello! Has anyone experienced an issue after upgrading to Firmware 2.10 with the camera shutting down due to a flashing red battery issue while recording video? I’m still troubleshooting this, and so far it appears to happen on HD and 4K after a few seconds to a few minutes, and I’m testing with OEM and third-party batteries. I did not have this issue before the update.
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