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  1. Hi, I have a XF16, XF23 and a X100T and I bought the 10-24. I am also a prime lens shooter. I thought the 10-24 will fix the gap between 16 and 23mm and extend the focal lenght down to 10mm. I made a lot of comparision test between primes and the 10-24. The results are clear. The primes are sharper and they have better resolution. Sometimes I took only the 10-24 on trips and I found it boring. So I sold the zoom and bought the Samyang 12/f2.0. P.S.: I still own thr X100T cause it is totally different
  2. If I have to limit to 3 lenses I would take 16 - 23 - 35 because I am shooting landscape and street. The 56 is a fantastic lens but a bit to close for my purpose when restricting to 3 primes only. It would find the way into my bag when there is enough space for my x100t. Then I would leave the 23 at home
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