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  1. Très belles images de Bretagne, bravo: j'adore d'autant plus que je connais ces lieux magnifiquement mis en valeur. Dan (I wrote in french because in Valais canton and Sion they speak french (my mother family come from Thonon les bains) Dan
  2. Very nice photo and i applause for the 4 AM!! I sleep at this time :-) Dan
  3. OK, if you have the same question now with new models: I have my X-E2s and (next week) a X-T2 in place of my X-T20 (just sale) Have a nice WE Dan
  4. I have a X-E2s (i vote) and i have a X-T20 not in this list! Dan
  5. Interesting..... The results are very nice, i will try your mount Gigas. Thanks Dan
  6. Hi everybody, I was an old "Nikoniste" and now i'm "Fujiste". I'm waiting (tomorrow saturday) the new XT20, my X-E2 is left... I have 3 zoom: The 16-50 (with XT20 kit) The 10-24 The 55-200 I thank you to accept me here, i not read too much but i read all news, galerie ,test of new products. Good pictures to all Dan
  7. Hi everybody, In France, my country, the first XT20 are just arrived in some shops, i'm waiting mine Saturday morning Thanks Mark to your return.Have you saw a big evolution in the AF speed compare to the XT10? I have also the 55-200 (and 10-24mm), nice moon picture! Dan
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