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  1. Excellent Fuji X-Pro2 bundle including the camera body and the original Fuji handgrip Both items are used but in mint condition and come boxed with original packaging and accessories This body has no scratches and no dings, almost like new with only 5502 shutter clicks Expert Shield LCD protector mounted since day 1 on the back screen of the camera. Red soft release shutter also included (Can be removed if you don't like it) Camera firmware was updated to the last Ver.5.00 Camera strap and the 2 pieces of leather protection on the strap connectors are NOT included. Original Fuji strap will be included in the box. BUNDLE FOR SALE AT £785.00 CAMERA BODY ONLY, WITHOUT THE HANDGRIP: £750. You also have the choice to buy this camera with 1 original Fuji NP-W126S battery or instead with 3 EX-Pro white batteries (EX-Pro white batteries are excellent too). Same price, just your choice if you rather have some back-up batteries with the camera. I will send you a message after receiving your payment to see which battery option you want. PAYPAL PAYMENT and FREE P&P for EU Countries only
  2. Nope, not yet. Not using much Lightroom to be honest. Old fashion and doing most of my work with Photoshop. But anyway, I think it could be nice to work on the studio but not helping me when shooting outdoors or on location . I have it too and to me it seems to work well. Only thing is, on the iPad, it works only in portrait mode so already better than the back LCD but still not showing a huge display. Would be nice to have it working on landscape mode. Other trouble is when I'm shooting macro make-up... To do that, I'm using the Samyang 100mm which is an awesome lens but manual so this is probably where the external LCD would have been the most helpful as it has the focus peeking too. To be able to focus on the eye of the model while standing 30-35cm from her face. This is not the only reason why I got this LCD screen at first but probably the most practical one... At least, what I was thinking ;-)
  3. And you are perfectly right... That's the problem indeed. I've found the answer somewhere else Actually none of the X Series cameras are allowing the use of an external monitor on live view. Let's hope it could be added at some point with a firmware update (if possible, I don't know about that). For now, the external monitor can only be used when playing back still images or videos. That's already great while shooting landscapes as possible to check images on location with a big screen and to be sure everything is looking good before leaving the place but still, I would have really enjoyed to also have the live view possibility. Crossing the fingers it will become available soon ;-)
  4. Hello, I just got a FEELWORLD 7" IPS 4K HDMI Full HD 1920x1200 On-Camera Monitor FW760 to use with my Fuji X-Pro2 After trying to make it work and also try to find some info online for more than 2 hours, I’m now starting to become really frustrated by this thing so I do believe it is wiser and the right time to ask online. The external monitor is connected to my camera by a HDMI cable (Normal from the screen to micro on the Fuji X-Pro2 port). When I use the play back function to see my images recorded on the SD card, they are showing on the big external monitor and all controls from the camera seems to work well (zoom in and out, moving to next image,…) but the trouble is when I want to use the external monitor on Live View… Then, blue screen with the HDMI mention on the top right and a permanent “No Signal” message centred on the screen. I’m not interested in making videos but as I was trying to make this screen working, I tried a video and same thing… Showing up on the external screen when playing back but not while recording on live view. As it works very well (awesome colours and very sharp view) on play back mode, I guess the cable connection is good and I must miss some setting(s) to be changed on the camera itself. I checked everything on the camera menus but can’t find what’s wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  5. Thank you for your answer ;-) Since posting this topic. I had buy this lens and indeed it is a very nice one. Good buy and glad I did.
  6. Helo everyone, I was just wondering if anyone here has some experience with the Samyang 100mm Macro on a Fuji X. If so, how does it perform? Thanks for any input ;-)
  7. Hello everyone, My Name is Jeremy and I'm a full-time freelance photographer based actually in Central Scotland. I was a Nikon user for over 30 years and switched to Fuji in 2013 with the X-Pro1 and X-20. I'm now using the X-Pro2 and also have the X-T2 as second body. I'm more of a Rangefinder style body guy and, to me, nothing compare to the pleasure of using the X-Pro2 for the majority of my work. Still, I have no other choice than to have a second body so when getting the back-up one, it should have been logical to get a second X-Pro2 but... after long reflexion, I decided to go for the X-T2. I honestly never liked too much (and still don't) the DSLR look and hold of the X-T2 but after all, this is mostly a back-up camera with the exact same image quality of the X-Pro2 and the most important decision factor was it also has few little advantages well appreciated when needed (Tilting LCD, Settings on top dials,...) I'm also a member of the Admin Team for a Collective Fashion/Modelling group in Central Scotland.
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