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  1. Iridient reduces the amount of data. This means less quality. Why buying 24/26megapixels and then reducing the amount of data again... Makes no sense, huh? We used it for many images and it sucks, unfortunately...
  2. Forget about V21... The whole C1-thing becomes a nightmare... Erased 203 edits at once today. For us as pros inacceptable... Our most important tool is nearly worthless... And the C1-team ignores the customers. Bugs stay alive over and over...
  3. Hey, we're working pros and are fed up with Capture One. V 21 is such a catastrophe (DAM is has become even worse). We're at the point where C1 destroys old sessions consequently and edits are lost in a vast number. We think the are no longer capable of maintaining their own source code bc. bugs are inherited over - at least 5 generations - lots of major releases. LR is - don't bother us with mentioning this one - absolutely no alternative for x-trans as you should know. And no - Iridient is no alternative. Any ideas from fellow pros? Photomechanic Plus is our DAM. TIA
  4. Hi! We're using Fuji as prophotogs and LR is without any question not usable for Fuji. Period. We tried several times - forget about it. Capture One - excellent RAW processor for X-Trans - but the App is that buggy, that we now start to search for an alternative. But - it's damned slow. Importing is that buggy, that it won't show you the content of your Card, but random old images hidden in some cache. As it seems Capture one isn't able to maintain the source code of their own app bc. bugs that are well well known are inherited over many (5 generations at least) major releases..
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