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  1. some useres are very happy in general with adapters on Fuji. do you have experience with this lens/Fuji combination?
  2. uhm... have you never heard about Adapters? Canon (or other) lenses do work on Fuji bodies. With one of different adapters... like fringer and many more.
  3. ...and oh my goodness, just came across the Viltrox FX2, which uncrops the crop factor =). WOW. Anyone kno wbout the image quality of this glass? It's highly seductive so far..
  4. Hi all, does anyone have experience with a K&F adapter and the Canon TSE lens? I understand i cannot set the aperture with the Fuji camera. Now: Some say a canon lens will default to open aperture. While K&F says, it will stop down fully, (which i can't imagine). Some say, set the aperture on a Canon body, then take the lens off (probably while holding the shut-aperture-button??). Can anyone tell if and how it works? Thanks! I mean, that TSE 17 mm is a wonderful piece of glass and all 😃
  5. When reviewing images on the LCD in bright light, i have to shade the LCD with my hand. That turns the LCD off, which is silly. Ok, i get it, the eye sensor switches between EVF and LCD. But how can i review an image in bright light, shade it, and keep the stupid LCD on? i guess we need an option to turn the eye sensor off in review mode. I do still chimp, anyone does not? =) How to you think of this?
  6. my dealer gave me an exchange body from their rent meanwhile. its the same thing. Now i'm watching the scale in the viewfinder. It jumps around between infinite and 3 m really, on the same object. Like those trees, or really contrasty objects in a 3meter range. Well, lets see what they say. For now i'm pretty freaked out by this AF joke.
  7. Dumb and dumber. If a tool doesn't do its expected job, then good luck with using it. How hard is it to get that. "It's the tool, stupid." This sort of thoughtless irrelevant remarks is what makes forums mostly a waste of time. At times.
  8. thanks, that raises my hopes. sent it in yesterday...
  9. Well, guess there's one of this kind in every forum. Wouldn't be a forum without one perfectly dumb answer in every thread. Look, Mr Manual, this is an AF acurracy test. If the camera can't focus on a static tree, then good luck with a running rabbit. Goodness me !!
  10. thanks, no, it's focus priority and AF-S, not C. even otherwise, the AF should focus correctly in this very static setting.
  11. Oh ok, didnt know PhAF is only sensitive to vertical lines. Its not like Fuji would specify that =). Regarding Backlight, No really, really there was no backlight whatsoever.
  12. right, you have all the reality you WANT . Some call it "alternative facts" It's kinda hard to discuss a problem here, without reading posts. Well then, lets focus on photography again. And specific technical answers.
  13. well my friend, it seems to me you've lost a bit touch with the reality of your words. If quoting you doesn't help you see, well then have it your way. Whatever.
  14. Well now, that's funny. What was that "best of luck with your other cameras? I've shown you some "luck" with Canon, a DSLR that is, without that grid pattern flare, caused by sensor reflections it seems (because what sort of lens could produce such a grid?), which you do not believe. The sun i the frame, was for you "a freak way to photograph". So maybe my "misreading" was caused by your misspelling. But i do appreciate the entirely new tone and content of what you are saying now. =)
  15. Fine. So we both agree, that DOF is not the point. The question then arises, WHY would the camera focus past infinity? That's the point here. Why does the AF not focus correctly? Are fine structures a probelm for this type of AF? Spent yesterday with "easier" subjects, and got less blurrs. But still, some glitches.
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