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  1. I've had problems in the past with Fuji lens caps and have had to buy Nikon caps to replace the ones that came with the lens, but the lens caps for the 23mm f/2 and the 50mm f/2 work very well.
  2. I would return it and try to buy the T20 kit somewhere else. The problem with Fuji camera equipment is that Fuji does not seal their boxes so you don't know if what you buy was returned by someone else. You have to have trust in the store you buy from.
  3. I am not sure if the rear LCD screen is plastic. I think it is glass. I would check with Fuji before doing anything.
  4. I have been dealing with B&H for over 20 years and have found that when you order items that are back-ordered you can wait a long time. For some reason, they seem to get shipments after other major outlets. As an example, two years ago I bought a Leica Q from a major catalog store and was using it for around two months and B&H had still not been able to get one in stock. You may have to wait a long time.
  5. I use a soft release and have not had a problem. If a soft release creates a strain on the shutter release then wouldn't a cable release create the same strain? If that's true then why did Fuji provide the ability to attach a cable release?
  6. The boxes that Fuji cameras and lenses come in are never sealed by Fuji.
  7. I just uploaded both raw and jpeg photos to my iPad using the Apple SD card reader and all the photos are fine. I did not experience any problem with file size and my raw photos are uncompressed.
  8. I do not agree that Sony cameras are crap. I've owned the original RX1R and I thought that it was a great camera. The only negative was the lack of an EVF. I do think that Sony's menus are crap.
  9. Used face detection for the first time on my Xt2 a week ago and found it worked sometimes but not others. It was hit and miss and there was no consistency to the hits or the misses. I used it both with and without eye detection.
  10. I've owned the T2 for 4 months and have yet to try the video. If video is a priority then I would recommend you get a Canon DSLR, a Sony, or a Panasonic camera. I will eventually try out the video but it is not at the top of my list. Right now if I need video I use my iPhone, which has been more than adequate.
  11. Thank you for pointing me to this article. It made things a lot clearer.
  12. This past week when taking pictures in full sun using a 50mm f/2 in aperture priority mode and auto ISO, I found that the camera would set the ISO to 400 even though the shutter speed went as high as 23,000. On some photos the ISO was set to 200 but I could not determine why it set some to 400 and some to 200. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this happens?
  13. if you are still looking for the X-T2, "cameraquest" has it in stock.
  14. I checked these out and they seem interesting. The only problem I see is that they do not make a polarizing filter that would fit either the 23 F/2 or the 35 f/2 lenses which take a 43mm filter.
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