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    algrove got a reaction from jerryy in Shooting Steam Engines in Winter using the 50R   
    Using The Fuji 50R To Shoot Steam Engines In The Cold Of Winter – PhotoPXL.webloc
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    algrove reacted to Barmijo in What do you like about the 50R?   
    I’ve only had my 50R for a few weeks and am headed out on my first international trip since getting it. I got the 32-64, 23 and 120 to complement the body. 
    My thoughts so far:
    1) The ergonomics are good, but not perfect. It’s no bigger than my 1D bodies and it’s lighter than I expected. Carrying it in hand for a couple hours is doable. Mind you my previous travel camera was a Leica, so this is saying something.
    2) The images are everything I’d hoped they’d be. Even my worst shots are workable in PS.
    3) I enjoy shooting with it. While not as minimalist as my Leica with just a couple dials and the aperture ring I have control over the camera instead of the other way around. After several hundred photos 90% of my manual remains unread.
    4) The auto-focus isn’t as bad as folks make out. It’s not a Canon or Nikon but I didn’t expect it to be. Only a few times have I had the camera searching for focus and since I’m moving from the world of manual focus, it’s still faster and more accurate than I was.
    5) I’ve got adapters on order my EOS and Leica lenses and am looking forward to trying them out. 
    So far I’m thoroughly impressed with the 50R. Over the next few weeks I’ll take a few thousand shots and hopefully get as comfortable with it as I was with my Leica.
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    algrove reacted to Sal Patalano in Street Photography With the Fujifilm GFX 50s   
    New to the forum, just joined.
    I’ve been shooting people on the street for about a year now and using the GFX50S with the 110 mm f2 most of the time. I also have the 32-64mm but I don’t use it quite as much. I find it to be about the same weight as my aD800, grip and 24-70mm.
    Below is a link to some of my images on Flickr.
    Shoot me an email if you want to chat.
    Thank you
    Sal Patalano
    Nashua NH.
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    algrove got a reaction from helged in 400+mm lenses on GFX   
    Get the Mamiya 645 Fotodiox adapter and then get a Mamiya 500mm lens. Excellent optics and image circle will definitely cover the GFX50 needs.
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    algrove reacted to Peter Zimmer in Streetphotography (open thread)   
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    lost in thought by Peter Zimmer, auf Flickr
    Hamburg - Germany
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    algrove reacted to Peter Zimmer in Streetphotography (open thread)   
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    Heaven Is a Halfpipe by Peter Zimmer, auf Flickr
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    algrove reacted to Peter Zimmer in Streetphotography (open thread)   
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    downstairs by Peter Zimmer, auf Flickr
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    algrove reacted to Peter Zimmer in Streetphotography (open thread)   
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    Voyage, voyage. by Peter Zimmer, auf Flickr
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    algrove reacted to krötenblender in Has anyone here pre-ordered the GFX   
    Yes, I tried Iridient Developer, and it was able to load the RAWs (I tried uncompressed only). But I'm not so used to the interface and workflow, so I didn't try very hard. I was just searching for a way to convert the RAWs to something, that Lightroom could read (DNG or tiff), but it wasn't very useful to me. Anyway. Iridient works, so if you are used to the interface, you should be able to work with it.
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    algrove reacted to Larry Bolch in Phase One will NOT support the Fujifilm GFX   
    All RAW files are based on the extended TIFF format specifications. It is more a "container" than just an image format. If the opening application is programmed to ignore aspects of the format, it will not open. If the GFX is a roaring success, it is Phase One's loss—both in terms of hardware AND software. So very 20th century in business terms.
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    algrove reacted to kangmlee in Electronic First Curtain (EFC) and Electronic Shutter (ES)?   
    Shutter The World's First Focal-Plane Shutter* Specifically Designed for Medium Format Mirrorless Cameras
    The newly-developed focal-plane shutter is the world's first specifically designed for medium format mirrorless cameras. It is a low-noise mechanical shutter that withstands 150,000 actuations**, offers shutter speeds up to 1/4000 sec and has an electronic first curtain. Choose from three shutter types, including an electronic shutter.
      Mechanical Shutter 4sec. to 1/4000sec. (P Mode), 60min. to 1/4000sec. (All Modes)  Bulb mode (up to 60min.), TIME: 60min. to 1/4000sec. Electronic Front Curtain Shutter*** 4sec. to 1/4000sec. (P Mode), 60min. to 1/4000sec. (All Modes) 
    Bulb Mode (up to 60min.), TIME: 60min. to 1/4000sec. Electronic Shutter 4sec. to 1/16000sec. (P Mode), 60min. to 1/16000sec. (All Modes) 
    Bulb Mode (up to 60min.), TIME: 60min. to 1/16000sec. Mechanical + Electronic Shutter 4sec. to 1/16000sec. (P Mode), 60min. to 1/16000sec. (All Modes) 
    Bulb Mode (up to 60min.), TIME: 60min. to 1/16000sec. Electronic Front Curtain Shutter + Electronic Shutter*** 4 sec. to 1/16000sec. (P Mode), 60min. to 1/16000sec. (All Modes) 
    Bulb Mode (up to 60min.), TIME: 60min. to 1/16000sec.
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    algrove got a reaction from JohnDizzo15 in GFX - My Full Frame Fuji   
    After having used the Pentax 645Z with similar Sony 50MP sensor to the GFX, you will love its output. Your image results just MIGHT convince you to print more than before. It did with me.
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    algrove reacted to Michael McKee in GFX vs XT-2   
    I've shot the Pentax 645z and the Sony A7 rII. Megapixels and dynamic range don't tell the story. Not even close. The images from the different cameras LOOK different. It's not sharpness or bokeh either. Different sensors give a different look. This is not a better than thing. Whether we prefer one look over another is totally subjective.
    While I'm not that much into resolution, I do appreciate the way the Pentax renders an image. It's wonderful. Part of that may be the lens, but the look stayed with shots from three different lenses, one of which was an old film lens. I didn't prefer the look enough to deal with the price, size or slow focus. Besides, I don't need that resolution for the work I do.
    OTH, I found the Sony images a bit too digital and sterile. Again, that's just my take. I know three people with that camera who love it. Given the choice I'd take the X-T2 over the more expensive and higher resolution Sony. At least I will it it looks like the X-Pro2 that I've shot. When finances line up, I'll get the X-T2.
    You can't quantify the difference between cameras. Numbers can't tell you how the photos will look, especially when well printed.
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    algrove reacted to super_gnome in GFX vs XT-2   
    This is a very good point. The 33x44mm sensor in the GFX is much smaller than a 41x56mm 645 format film negative and yet most of the GF lenses have max apertures equal to traditional 645 system lenses. People who already own fast XF lenses and are thinking about "going to medium format" primarily to get more subject isolation should tread carefully because the change in DOF might not meet their expectations. For those that don't love to do math, here are the GF primes and what the equivalent X system lenses would be:
    23mm f/4 = 12mm f/2
    45mm f/2.8 = 23mm f/1.4
    63mm f/2.8 = 33mm f/1.4
    110mm f/2 = 57mm f/1.0
    120mm f/4 = 62mm f/2
    On the other hand, I use an X-E2 and a Mamiya 645 film camera with equivalent short telephotos. The DOF of the Mamiya 150mm f/3.5 and Voigtlander 56mm f/1.4 that use with the Fuji should be virtually identical on paper and yet the overall ability to separate the subject is not the same. The Mamiya lens has softer bokeh and film seems to be more tolerant of very contrasty and busy backgrounds (eg strongly lit vegetation), so I prefer it anytime there is enough light and the size and weight of the Mamiya is not an issue. The GFX lenses and sensor may likewise have many little differences relative to the X system that don't seem like much taken individually but add up to a meaningfully different whole.
    In any case, I am happy Fuji made this camera. There are photographers who need (or want) higher resolution than APS-C can provide and I think going with 33x44 instead of FF was smart for both marketing and technical reasons.
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    algrove got a reaction from albireo_double in GFX vs XT-2   
    Those who have previously used MF cameras` will know the differences.
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    algrove reacted to Tom H. in XT2 problem correct exposure   
    Yes, this basically. Don't be scared of the dials.
    There is no magic setting that is always correct.
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    algrove reacted to pete1959 in XT2 problem correct exposure   
    There is nothing wrong with your camera.
    The oddities of various metering systems perfectly normal.
    The number of variables for a proper 18% gray all through the scene, plus algorithms related to camera settings, ensures a variety of "proper exposures".
    I can not stress this enough to X-T2 shooters: 
    You are in charge. It is up to you to "drive" the camera with exposure compensation.
    This is a professional tool for people who understand metering, and it's abilities and limitations.
    It is rare that any photograph I take doesn't have some sort of exposure compensation in it.
    Short of an external hand held incident light meter (vs a reflected light meter) cameras ALWAYS give slight variations.
    These are not bugs being posted on the forums about exposure errors, it's people who misunderstand what the tool is capable of.
    It's not the camera folks.
    Use that exposure compensation dial...a lot....make conscious decisions about exposure.
    The cameras of today (WYSIWYG) and histograms provide YOU THE USER with information, but the final exposure is yours to make based upon that info.
    Use the dial.
    PS: if you don't know what 18% gray (grey) is in regards to photography look it up. It is the key to understanding photography exposure.
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    algrove got a reaction from JRphoto in GFX specs look impressive   
    Thanks for reminding me my link did not take. Let's try again.
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    algrove reacted to boblenstalk@gmail.com in XT-2 Glaring Omissions   
    As a newcomer to the X system, I am truly impressed with the quality of the equipment and feel that my move from bulky and heavy medium format equipment (Leica S), which will, hopefully, allow me to continue to enjoy walking and capturing images in the mountains of northern Britain for as long as possible, has been justified.
    However, like all camera systems, nothing is perfect and I would like to see the following common sense improvements in the first firmware update for the XT-2 and, to be honest, I cannot understand why these were not incorporated into the camera from the beginning, as they seem to be a nonsensical oversight:
    1. The ability to zoom into 100% while reviewing images on the rear screen or through the EVF without having to shoot JPEG files along with RAW files.
    2. The ability to review an image in camera which shows “blinkies” utilising the entire screen or viewfinder as opposed to showing the tiny image which is currently the only way to see a histogram and over/under exposed areas.
    3. The ability to see an RGB histogram as opposed to the purely luminance histogram shown currently.
    4. While I appreciate that retrospectively fitting a GPS facility to the XT-2 is impossible, I would ask Fujifilm to improve their smartphone app to make the GPS facility workable rather than the pain in the backside to use it currently is. I travel a lot and an accurate GPS facility, which I have on my Leica S cameras is an extremely useful, if not necessary tool.
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    algrove reacted to copy paper in Is it just me or the lowish light files are too noisy?   
    That's pretty clearly camera shake on your X-T2 shots, not noise. Happens to the best of us.
    My experience with the X-T2 has been that it is very impressive in low light compared to my Canon 6D. My friend shoots using an X-Pro1, and the low light performance on his images seems very similar.
    X-T2 RAW files can be a little harder to work with than your typical camera, certainly more finnicky than my 6D was, and it is easy to unintentionally introduce noise while sharpening, which I'm guessing is some of what is happening here. I can't speak to whether the X-T2's RAW files are more or less finicky than the X-T1's RAW files are. But even using Lightroom it is a great sensor in all light.
    edit: One other note-- I believe I remember reading that the X-T2/X-Pro2 exposes brighter per ISO stop than past Fuji X-System cameras. This might lead to more noise for the same settings because you're not really shooting the same exposure. Try setting your exposure knob -1 stop, or if you're shooting fully manual, aim for a stop lower than middle. This could also lead one to shoot at a slower shutter speed to compensate, which might lead to slightly blurry (not noisy) photos.
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    algrove reacted to dequity11 in Is it just me or the lowish light files are too noisy?   
    Hi there,
    The blind folded yaysayers can ignore the problem all they like. After owning the XT-1, XPro-2, XEs and the XT-2, I can assure you that the XT-2 files are noisy even at relatively low ISO and I am no pixel peeper! I recently did some street work at around 800 ISO and in a nutshell the results are terrible - especially when it comes to the skin tone / noise issue. Oh, and I only shoot raw with all in camera settings zero'd out ie noise etc.
    I don't understand why things like this become just defensive and divisive topics. Some of us the issue and other don't. Guess what, there's a potential problem, let's get it fixed and over with - sounds simple and easy to me!
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    algrove reacted to Adam Woodhouse in X-T2 with dual battery grip self discharge?   
    Sorry, haven't noticed that with mine.  But honestly ... I haven't paid close attention to the battery level when I put the camera in the bag and then compare to when I take it out again.  But it does make me curious and I'll try to do it when I think of it.
    It may be good practice to try to get in the routine of taking the batteries out of the grip when you put the camera back in the bag (knowing it is going to be a little while before using the camera again).  This way you reduce the risk of a battery going bad and leaking in the grip.  It may be very rare, but a battery can easily become faulty all-of-a-sudden.  I try to take them out of my cameras when I think of it and leave them on my shelf.  Since I have two chargers, I usually put two batteries in the chargers and leave them there.  The charger will turn off when the batteries reach 100% anyways, so when I want the camera I throw the batteries in the grip and they are always at 100% from sitting in the chargers.  Should a battery go bad and leak, it will happen on the charger which is cheap to replace.  I realize that different battery types have different characteristics, but having dealt with leaking NiCad and NiMH and 12v high capacity marine batteries and experience with LiPo battery charging and their potential to burst into flames when charging ... I've learned a thing or two about being a little cautious.  I know the Li-ion are very stable hence used in our electronics, but the recent Samsung smartphone battery debacle shows it can happen.
    A side note ... I have found that if I fully charge a Fuji battery and a Watson battery and leave them on my desk for one week ... then put them on the charger, the Fuji will be back to 100% charge in a couple of minutes, where the Watson may take approx 10 minutes.  But when both types are fully charged and I use the camera for a full day, I don't notice much of a difference in their lasting power.  They have been a great low cost battery for me over the past 2 years in my XT1's and XT2.
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    algrove got a reaction from frankinfuji in Introduce Yourself   
    New Fuji XT2 owner. Came via Minolta (50 years ago), Hasselblad, Nikon, Leica M (with M & R lenses), Canon 5D3, Phase One 45+ on Hasselblad SWC, Pentax 645Z, Leica Q, Sony RX-1R and Phase One XF+100. Sold everything from the Pentax 645Z backwards and hundreds of lenses.
    Got the XT2 for street. Love street and love B&W. But will use it on long travels where limited space needed and for color of course too.
    Still use Phase One XF for landscape where size and weight not an issue. That being said once I am 75+ years old something will need to change and that just might mean getting a GFX . Loved that 50MP Sony sensor in the Pentax 645Z when used with modern lenses.
    PM me for my website and/or manufactuer blogs if interested. Some street and some landscape, Cuba included.
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    algrove reacted to Jwctp in Is it just me or the lowish light files are too noisy?   
    Seriously. I don't know what people are complaining about. Also, most web-photos are viewed at around 2 Megapixels. The X-T2, even when pixel-peeped, at ISO 6400 looks same as most APSC or even Full frame cameras. When downscaled from 24 to 2 megapixels, it should look great. And it does, based on the photos people posted here. 
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    algrove reacted to kimcarsons in New Fujifilm X-T2 Firmware ver. 1.10 available   
    It does not. But you should probably reset it yourself anyway.
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