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  1. algrove

    What don't you like about the new GFX 50R?

    Just don't know yet if I will bring my Alpa which is the best landscape system I have used to date with the IQ3100.
  2. algrove

    What don't you like about the new GFX 50R?

    H Planning on being in your country next June. Bale first and then who knows where.
  3. Any place someone cam read on how focus bracketing functions in camera and in post?
  4. algrove

    Any fisheye for GFX-50S?

    One might try the old Mamiya Fisheye ULD lens with the Fotodiox adapter. Let me know as I have many older Mamiya lenses which should adapt just fine to the GFX and I am dying to try them out once I receive my 50R.
  5. Having ordered one I will at least like the sensor which is the same one my older Pentax 645Z had in it. This body is much more manageable for walking around. Also more newer lenses can make a big difference. Somewhere I read, it seems Fuji will be releasing more smaller lenses like the 50/3.5 pancake due out mid 2019. That I like!
  6. algrove

    What don't you like about the new GFX 50R?

    Thanks H. Well I have ordered one along with the 63, 23 and 110. Will try the 50/3.5 once its out mainly due to its smaller size. I used to use my Pentax 645Z on the street and even with older/smaller lenses like the 35 found it easy to manage. I just loved this sensor before so now with C1 I might be loving it even more.
  7. algrove

    Street Photography With the Fujifilm GFX 50s

    That 50/3.5 might be a nice addition for street shooters when it comes out next year.
  8. algrove

    What don't you like about the new GFX 50R?

    So there are no cons? What about possibility of cam body heating up like some say the X1D has. That 50/3.5 could be the ideal street setup.
  9. algrove

    400+mm lenses on GFX

    Get the Mamiya 645 Fotodiox adapter and then get a Mamiya 500mm lens. Excellent optics and image circle will definitely cover the GFX50 needs.
  10. Sure at $4500 perhaps it prices many of us out, but other than that what are your pros and cons keeping in mind it is a medium format camera?
  11. algrove

    GFX 50s dual battery charger?

    Take a look at the B&H site where they sell the Watson dual charger which features renmoveable plates for use with most types of camera batteries. The first 2 plates are available with the charger and additional plates for other battery types cost just $2 each.
  12. Take a look on Luminous-Landscape which has an article about using the Fiji printer on the XT2 Meeting Moroccan Berbers - Luminous Landscape
  13. algrove

    Help defining travel gear

    This thread got me to thinking and handling my various XF lenses as I soon embark on a 5 week trip and my one requirement is that all my gear must fit into my Airport Essentials Think Tank backpack. Once on location I will either just carry 2 cameras or use a small bag for batteries, filters and an extra lens or two. First, I always shoot 2 identical cameras. I use the XT2. I try to set them up the same so that switching between them is no big deal. Now to the Big question which--lenses. For street I set both cameras (95% of the time ) to Acros and shoot with small primes, like the 23/2, 35/2 and 50/2. I carry on occassion the Zeiss Trouit 12/2.8 just in case and in a pocket if I have a pocket available. That is for daylight. For low light I tend to shoot with the 16/1.4 and the 56/1.2 as I have 2 camera bodies and at times I have been known to use these 2 lenses in daylight or mixed direct and shaded environments. Now to the hard part. The XF red label zooms are very good, but good glass is more often than not heavy. For street they are just too much for me even though they offer flexibility and pretty good f stops at f 2.8. I do not own the 18-135, but on paper it looks like a good one lens setup and weights just one pound. We all have different needs for our images especially when showing, printing, etc. I tend to go for the best glass which satisfies my minimal weight needs. I also do not like a zoom flopping around as mine tend to do more often than not and thus why I go for primes whenever I can while walking around. For landscape the choice can be difficult if combined with a street shooting environment while traveling. I would take all 6 lenses I own and mentioned above plus perhaps the 55-140 and either the 1.4x and/or the 2x just in case a long reach might be needed and this is most often unforeseen especially while traveling to a new venue. Just my 2 cents.
  14. algrove

    Has anyone here pre-ordered the GFX

    Agree that the 645Z was big and ugly although in the hand it felt just fine. The new lenses like the 55, 28-45 and 90 were stellar. Older Pentax pre-CMOS lenses were issues from time to time. I found a great 150/2.8 that I loved. Sold the 645Z system once my Phase dealer started making me offers that were extremely good, like offering a 645Z trade-in of USD10K over the new purchase price of a 645Z plus other very good sweeteners. What MF I use now has no weather sealing, but decided will use my XT2 if weather becomes impossible where my OP/Tech rain sleeves will not suffice. Right now both camera systems use C1 and I am pleased about that.