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  1. you might do better with replies if you enter this post under the 50R section.
  2. Interesting you moved from Leica. I assume it was the M system? I also have used he M for many years, but kept the M due to being sure I could ude the 50R on the street. The 45 so far is best suited GF lens for street to me, but I will try the small 50 when it comes out. Agree about the AF system-it works fine for me and the grip is no big deal either.
  3. I have told my local dealer I want the 50/3.5 once out, but I feel there still is a large gap between the current 45mm and 23mm prime lenses. Perhaps a small 30mm would be optimal since it equates to a 24mm lens on FF cameras. I have tended to use 24mm lenses on many different systems with success including the XT-2 where the 16/1.4 was a much appreciated lens and is a 24mm FF equivalent lens.
  4. Mamiya fisheye 645 lens gives a 180 degree FOV. Works well.
  5. Sorry only Mamiya 645 lenses via Fotodiox adapter here. Also Leica R lenses with Fotodiox
  6. I use C1 most of the time so cannot help. Did you get it resolved? It would be good for others to know how to solve a problem you brought up.
  7. Files extremely malleable in C1.
  8. Very well balanced even with the new 100-200 attached. Of course I put my left hand under all lenses on all cameras.
  9. I use Fotodiox adapters just fine on the 50R
  10. Focus braketing could use better explanation in the manual.
  11. Easy to use and the thin grip does not bother me while using the GB-001-wrist grip. I like the lockable diopter adjustment. Almost balanced even using the 23mm. Using the Forodiox adapter my old Mamiya lenses have a new life-the MF 300/5.6 is super sharp.
  12. Many of us do not understand Spanish so is there a way you can repost your comments in English? Thanks so very much.
  13. i like the new camera lugs for the camera strap which are more familiar to me
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