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  1. I use Fotodiox adapters just fine on the 50R
  2. Focus braketing could use better explanatipn in the manual. Does it work with AF as well as manual focus?
  3. Easy to use and the thin grip does nopt bother me whcih using the GB-001-wrist grip. I like the lockablr dioper adjustment. Almost balanced even using the 23mm. Using the Forodoix adapter my old Mamiya lenses have a new life-the MF 300/5.6 is super sharp.
  4. Many of us do not understand Spanish so is there a way you can repost your comments in English? Thanks so very much.
  5. i like the new camera lugs for the camera strap which are more familiar to me
  6. like the newly designed on/off switch.
  7. The wait continues! Perhaps I will see it in December.
  8. I like many of the reviews of photographers recently or currently using the 50R
  9. Like the idea of using Fotodiox adapters for Mamiya 645 lenses and Leica R leneses on the 50R.
  10. Just don't know yet if I will bring my Alpa which is the best landscape system I have used to date with the IQ3100.
  11. H Planning on being in your country next June. Bale first and then who knows where.
  12. Any place someone cam read on how focus bracketing functions in camera and in post?
  13. One might try the old Mamiya Fisheye ULD lens with the Fotodiox adapter. Let me know as I have many older Mamiya lenses which should adapt just fine to the GFX and I am dying to try them out once I receive my 50R.
  14. Having ordered one I will at least like the sensor which is the same one my older Pentax 645Z had in it. This body is much more manageable for walking around. Also more newer lenses can make a big difference. Somewhere I read, it seems Fuji will be releasing more smaller lenses like the 50/3.5 pancake due out mid 2019. That I like!
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