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    TPiorkowski reacted to yukosteel in Fish Eye Lens   
    I had Samyang 8mm - it is great lens. Now I have 7Artisans 7.5mm - it's also optically very good. However there are some mechanical warnings. You can learn more from this article:
    Disassemby - 7Artisans 7.5mm F.28 Fish eye lens
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    TPiorkowski reacted to George_P in Fish Eye Lens   
    Samyang and Rokinon are the same product under different branding. They are highly regarded and I think most people would recommend them. I have the Samyang 8mm and 12mm and they are both very good in my opinion. I would recommend the 12mm over the 8mm, it is not a fisheye but it is a more useful lens I think (off topic, sorry). The 7artisans 7.5mm I don’t know. Cheers. 
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