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  1. had this issue wit a x100s, may need servicing, mine did that randomly for about 5 min and later it fixed itself. weird....
  2. thanks @glospete ! I forgot to mention that I only travel with 1 XT. I do use both XT on weddings only, I have not figure it out how to shot with 2 bodies on travels without drawing too much attention to me for safety reasons, maybe without fundaments, just fear, as some friends have been victims of armed robbery or pickpockets while traveling.
  3. Warning, long post… This is my background: When I travel, I always struggle selecting the gear I’ll use on the trip. I try to keep it as simple/light possible to enjoy the trip (normally walk 6-10 hours a day) while being flexible enough to avoid missing shoots because of gear limitation. Also, I have a concern on safety in dangerous places or pickpockets, so I try to be as low key as possible too. Besides traveling, I do a lot of street photography but also wedding and social events (not as first income) so most of my gear is more an expense than investment. I’m very critical wit
  4. let me know if you find out.... I ordered at B&H when they had in stock, but five minutes after I received the confirmation of my order telling it was backordered, and is still like that since 2 weeks ago.
  5. @sacherjj Good to know, thanks for the advice, I do have a ND, but I think is only a 4. Will work if I shoot at f8 or f16 to get to 1/60? just to test what you say and then after I get some experience I may get more ND filters.
  6. I'm hesitant to buy the 18-55 as I already have the 14, 23, 35, 56 and video is not that important to me.... I'd rather get the 50-140. Since I already have a monopod I'll give it a try as you suggest. Thanks for your help!
  7. questions for video folks.... any clues? 1. I'm looking for a very compact stabilization rig for X-T2 to make quick videos (specially while walking) that can fit in my travel bag. I do not need pro grade rigs, just want to avoid getting a headache every time I watch the videos.... 2. would the AF noise of the 23 1.4 or 56 be picked by camera mic?? should I use an external mic instead? thanks!
  8. is the lens stabilization enough for avoiding shaky videos while walking? or a steadycam or gimbal is needed?? is the AF quick enough in AF-C?? I'm undecided about the 18-55 just for video, as I'm a prime shooter.
  9. I'm curious to know how many weight will add the power boost grip with 2 batteries, anyone has heard something? can't find that spec.
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