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  1. Well, it there are many adapters for full frame lenses to GF mount... But I don't know what the coverage would become, indeed. Hence the question on this forum 😅
  2. Hello, Maybe a stupid question, but is there any chance (and would it make sense) to see an adapter for fujinon x-mount lenses to the GF mount? Several x-mount lenses have a reputation for extreme sharpness and resolution, so I guess the glass quality may be enough to justify a 50mpx sensor. But not sure if such adaptation would be technically doable. Given the price gap between GF and X-mount lenses it would allow some nice cost savings when complementing a X-mount setup with a GF body.
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone had the chance to try the WCL-X100 and TCL-X100 on the X70. The mount is the same as the WCL-X70 so it's technically possible, although I guess the distortion will be quite an issue... Any interesting feedback? Cheers Antoine
  4. Still, I can't stop thinking about the need for an updated version of the 10-24, in a XF Pro mode. Maybe a shorter range, but a larger aperture. Absolutely need the WR and a marked aperture ring... That would trigger my GAS!
  5. Try Velbon stuff : they have the best compact tripods I've ever used
  6. Ah yes, the next one... I purchased the 16-55 f2.8 with my X-E2 and it's an excellent all-rounder. Then I added the 55-200 before going on vacation and it gave great opportunities to shoot nice animal pictures. Now I am selling my X100s (AF too slow, no wifi, although great image quality) and I am trying to figure out which compact prime to buy in exchange... Maybe the 35mm f2 and/or the 18mm f2.8? 35mm is a bit tight, but at least it allows some portraits without being too close (and invasive).
  7. I had the same question a few months ago and went for a used X-E2. It always depends on the condition and price, but in general, second-hand is better for the earth and the wallet, no? :-)
  8. I would definitely welcome a new version of the X100 including the new 24MP sensor, weather-sealing and a better EVF. Not absolutely crucial, but that would make me think about upgrading from the X100s
  9. Hi I have the 16-55 on a X-e2 and although the weight was a concern at first, with the thumb rest it's completely fine. Image quality is very good and the comfort of a zoom is priceless when dealing with kids...
  10. I thought about that for a long time too and finally chose to go for the X-E2. With the firmware 4.0, there are virtually no software differences between the T1, the E2 and the T10. But I like the form factor of the E2 better, especially the EVF in the corner rather than in the center. And it's quite cheap to get a X-E2 second hand these days.
  11. Yes, Sony has an attractive offer these days, and they are working hard, which is good for the users at the end. What keeps me looking toward Fuji are: - The aperture ring and shutter speed nob: this is what all cameras should use, in my opinion - The film simulations: so fun! - The slightly more compact package of APS-C But hey, that's personal...
  12. Hi, I have the chance to work 5 minutes away from the Fuji showroom in Tokyo :-) Meaning I could play quite a bit with the T1 and Pro2. I guess there are very different criteria depending on the people, but here's my take: The Pro2 + has a wonderful joystick (really a game changer, although just a small bit of plastic) + a good VF (I love the fact it is on the left corner, as I shoot with my right eye and have a relatively long nose, I guess) - although the grip is better than the Pro1, it is still very unpractical and uncomfortable (at least for me), especially with larger lenses. And I don't like much the idea of adding a heavy grip to change that... - no tilt screen is a bit disappointing, although I understand the reasons Personally I chose to take some time to wait for the T2 and see if they add the joystick and improve the grip... Even the T1's grip is rather small: I'd love it if they designed something close to the Sony A7 II of the Panasonic GX8. Anyway, it's a personal decision at the end so you need to spend time in a store playing with the Pro2 to make sure.
  13. I also played with it a bit this weekend and I agree with your points. The joystick is really really a big improvement. I was also surprise at the relative lightness of the camera, given the large size. Maybe we use too many super compact bodies with lots of stuff crammed in... Still not too sure how comfortable this body will be with zooms though: will try it with the 16-55 f2.8 later this week.
  14. That's exactly what I mean by asking openly other people's experience. There are several ways to build a set of lenses so that I can pick-up something that matches the needs for that day. So yes big zooms are not so nice for street :-) I am not looking for a swiss-knife all-in-one lens, and I don't plan to carry the whole set all the time with me. As for macro and architecture, I don't really do any such photography (just the occasional shot, when something shows up). I think the thread so far has been quite fruitful (at least for me), although I still need a little bit of research and trials. cheers
  15. Thanks Milandro for this feedback. You make an interesting point regarding the 10-24mm: this lens purpose is really at the widest focal lengths, which means the zoom aspect is less important. The 14mm of 12mm then become quite handy (lighter and brighter, although without OIS).
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