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    Bumblebee reacted to OkanYILMAZ in Sunsets (Open Thread)   
    Sunsets from Golyazi Lake, Bursa, Turkey.


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    views from and around the grand canyon

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    Bumblebee reacted to Don Pino in landscapes with fuji x   
    Buongiorno Umbria

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    Bumblebee reacted to serdor in landscapes with fuji x   
    River Adda, Italy
    Fuji X-Pro 2
    XF 35 1.4

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    Another view of the same waterfall.

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    X-Pro2, 16-55mm 6 shot panorama of the waterfall near Plaisance on the Petite Nation River in Quebec.

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    Hi Fuji users!
    Here are a couple of shots taken in a beautiful region from Quebec Canada. It's the first time I post pictures on this forum (which I really like!). It was also the first time for me to travel/hike since my move to Fuji. I really like the X-T1.



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    Autumn Color with Velvia Film Simulation ... I really Love it 
    X-T1 GS + 10-24 f/4

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    Bumblebee reacted to drtech in Going North - Swedish Wilderness   
    The area I crossed is almost untouched by civilization which is very rare in Europe. There is no touristic infrastructure and no marked trails. This makes a hike in Sarek a special experience. Due to their low weight and high IQ the Fuji X cameras are perfectly suited for such an endeavor.
    Let's continue:

    Evening light in Sarvesvágge (14mm, f/11, 1/2s, ISO 200)

    View from my campsite in the upper Njoatsosvágge (23mm, f/4, 1/210, ISO 200)
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    Bumblebee reacted to drtech in Going North - Swedish Wilderness   
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and want to introduce myself with a few pictures. I am primarily a landscape photographer. Last year I was hiking for two weeks in a remote area in the north of Sweden: Sarek national park. My X-T1 accompanied me with three lenses (14-23-56) and tripod. In the following a few impressions. The image of the northern lights was not easy to frame without an optical viewfinder as the EVF was almost totally black.

    View of the Laitaure river delta, 700 m below (14mm, f7.1,  1/45, ISO 200)

    Morning view of the Rapadalen valley (56mm, f/8, 1/17, ISO 200)

    Northern lights above Rapadalen (14mm, f/2.8, 10s, ISO 3200)
    Feel free to comment or ask questions.
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