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  1. I have just sold my D750 camera with 24-70 & 200-500. I have been shooting wild animals and landscapes for 12 years. most wildlife. now I feel that I am stuck in a pattern. I have always used the car in my photography to be as effective as possible in finding the wild animals. it leads to a lot of gasoline money and the same usual roads. now I have started hiking / hike a lot and visiting many nice places and want to focus more on nature and landscape with elements of wildlife and not just portraits of animals but more to get with the environment as well. I am used to heavy equipment and in the past year it has also been the reason for leaving the equipment at home sometimes. My idea is to go over to Fuji which I enjoy before. I have owned x-t10 and x70. I love the agility and image quality even though an aps-c sensor does not have as good a dynamic range and is not as clean in the image quality when using high ISO as a D750. The two cameras I am interested in are X-H1 and X-T3. In the past I have always struggled to buy the more expensive Fuji models and used a camera model that is really too small for my hands etc. but this time I think differently. I am writing for and disadvantages, as I think, about the two models that I mentioned. X-H1 Pros: solid construction. weatherproof. IBIS. Top LCD. 3-way tilt screen. eye-cup is deeper. cheaper now. X-T3 Pros: pros: X-trans 4 ?, native ISO 80, smaller size than x-h1, weatherproof, better autofocus, 99% of coverage, better video, USB-C, better eye off, 11 fps without grip Image stabilizer has always been important to me. usually with larger optics with longer focal lengths. but i am a bit unsure if ibis can motivate me not to choose x-t3. in the future I will want to get long optics to photograph wild animals. maybe a 100-400 but initially 50-230 that I previously owned and was impressed with. even though x-h1 is a bit more robust, i think that an x-t3 in the future can handle heavier optics better than what eg x-t30 could do. even though i'm a bit sensitive with noise and know that ibis helps to lower ISO when shooting but how much can one expect to be able to lower ISO thanks to ibis? Prices: - 790 euros: a used X-H1 from a store with 6 months warranty. B condition. - 1140 euros: new x-h1 with battery grip + 2 batteries - 1385 euros: new X-t3 + 64 gb memory and 1 jupio extra battery
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