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  1. Hi all, if I'm using an external recorder, sometimes I may want to make a long take and I'd like to turn off both the LCD display and the EVF, both to reduce stress and to save energy. With the view button it only cycles between having the LCD or the Viewfinder running. Do you know if there is a way to just turn off both of them?
  2. I don't get the OP, I love Fuji but all of what Steve said is just true facts... A9 is the top-of-the-line full-frame camera now, the X-T2 is 1/3rd of the price and can't really compete with it. With that price tag, it's only aiming professionals, and only a smaller portion of them. While the X-T2 is still within range of enthusiasts. As for the reason of the high price, I guess it's the price of being an early adopter and having the latest and greatest. That allows people to have a slight edge over the competition, but they have to pay for it. I am primarily using the electronic shutter to
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