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  1. I don't know where you're from but in Europe you have a longer warranty period than 1 year... I had older gear repaired or replaced than that...
  2. The border finally developed after roughly 24 hours... Quite strange but we'll see there is a 2 year warranty so if it's the printer I'll find out before then .
  3. I can't either but I hope it get's fixed in a FW-update if possible... otherwise in the X-T2.
  4. That's correct, X-T1's (and all Fuji's that I know of) only fire of the flash in Single-shot... Best is to back focus and push the shutter a few times in S-mode.
  5. *clickable for 1920x1080* Taken last summer on my way to work, as lifeguard we arrive early on the beach and saw this scene quite often when walking to the beach. Nothing fancy but I like it .
  6. Like a realtime overlay of highlights and black-spots on the OVF? That would be sweet.
  7. We won't know until more-leaks appear online (like Flickr photo's with the X-Pro2 in EXIF), in-the-wild sightings (this sounds like Pokémon at the moment, trying to find a rare shiny version!!), etc. haha.
  8. Hey guys, I just received my SP-1 today together with a 2x10 pack of film. They both had a mist on the right side of the photographs, I tested the first ten on my phone and camera, called the shop and they said to test the second pack too. After that I called them again and said the 11th and 12th shot had the same misty strip on the right side, they think it's the film and not the printer. Did you have anything like that?
  9. I'd get the regular 56mm, which is around €300,00 cheaper at the moment, and spend the difference in a 90mm f2. This would give more compression, smoother bokeh and transitions than a 56mm. Gamblor, the ring is awkward indeed, I usually grab the end of the lens or the lens hood.
  10. Waiting for that rumor/news too. Meanwhile the 35mm f1.4R is getting more and more attractive as "small" walk-around travel lens. Or I'll stick with the 23mm and ditch the (horrendously) long hood.
  11. So nobody has photos with an "epic" flare in them with the 35mm??
  12. I don't usually bring up an old topic but in this case I'd like to ask you: Can you post photos taken with the 35mm f1.4 that show an "epic flare" ? I heard the 35mm flares a bit easier than the newer siblings and I'd love to see some examples !
  13. You hear more about problems than about succes stories. In other words: Look at the local news... it's filled with "disasters, crime, traffic jams, etc." but hardly with positive news. Kudos to the TS for his post! Wish there was more information about the 100-400 though, but we have to be patient I guess...
  14. I have one, I believe an Eyelead, and it worked great on my D610's I had. I haven't had to use it on my X-T1's so far. They don't attract dust as fast as the D610's did.
  15. Looks like dirty glass in combination with Lens/sensor flare that makes it this bad...
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