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  1. I would suggest a Fujinon XF16mm F1.4 R WR or Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4 R.   Something on the wider end, and which can let in a lot of light.   I have the kit lens, but have not tried low light video, but at F2.8-4.0 I would guess it is not the best choice.



    The problem about the, otherwise fantastic, XF16mm is lack of IS. I am afraid employing the Gimbal would be completely impractical in the cockpit environment, so the only option left would be de-shaking in the post processing.

    Don't know if that would be feasible.




  2. Just came across this phenomenal night flight video shot with Sony A7.


    I tried to mimic this with my X-T2 coupled with 18-55 kit lens and to get reasonable exposure I had to bump my ISO up to ridiculous 12800, at which point the footage became unusable.

    Is this kind of quality achievable with X-T2? If so, what sort of lens would I need to add to it?

    I assumed 18-55 would yield the best result as it comes with OIS, but the results disappointed me.

    Thanks for your comments,

  3. Thanks, indeed I found to be using my new Samyang 12mm almost exclusively in the cockpit, such a fantastic lens!

    This is the 787, windows are huge, but it comes with a drawback - they are all slightly curved which creates unwanted picture deformation very often.


    Fly safe!



    Very nice! Is that the fisheye? And nice plane, is that a 787? Those windows looks very clear. Those in the 330 suck big time :-) way too many lines and spots for wide shots.

  4. Hi all,

    I am very excited really, had a first real chance to test my new 50-140 in action along with the XT2 which I had been trying to learn over the last couple of weeks.

    Some of the top world tennis girls came to Doha this week to participate in Qatar WTA Total Open.

    Great tennis indeed, some photos below.

    Pictures are SOOC JPEGs, no editing other than cropping performed.

    I was testing it with both Manual mode with auto ISO, as well as A priority with ISO set at 200.

    Burst High mode with AF-C Zone focus, 3x3 size, custom settings: tracking sensitivity 0, Speed Tracking 1, Zone Area Switching to Front.

    Almost all were in focus with an occasional out of focus shot where the 3x3 zone turned out to be too large still and caught an object behind a player. Out of over 400 shots, there were 5 or 6 of those at the most....




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