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  1. For the past year or two, I've been using Capture 1 fuji express as my raf editor, then 'Editing With' Affinity Photo. This has worked well for me, but I bought a Dell Inspiron with i7v10 & 4k touchscreen last black friday & all is not hunky-dory. Whether the problem is with the hardware, or Affinity, dunno; but Affinity regularly crashes on me - often about an hour or so into a heavy session. Another irritation is the sloppy pen accuracy, mainly on the adjustment sliders: That might just be the Dell pen aplication, but is only noticeable in Affinity. I haven't installed the latest v1.1 of Affinity yet, as I've found that previous updates have often tended to cause as many problems as they solve. So - eventually - my question for anyone who has used both applications is: Would I find a noticeable improvement in practical operation if I stumped-up for, and used solely, Capture 1 fuji? Cheers, Pete
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