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  1. Take a look at B&H Deals today. I have the smaller cousin of the Sirui bag they are selling for $50 ($200 list). If I didn't have mine, I'd jump on this. Rick
  2. IMHO, this "feature" of having the PC Sync Terminal on all the new cameras is a royal PITA. Always falling off, lessening the weather resistance even if they stay on for a while. I guess there are some studio photographers using such connections, but they're probably shooting Hasselblads and Phase Ones. I am tempted to glue one on, but that probably would ruin resale- may do it anyway.
  3. You have to find them elsewhere. I don't use them, but I have seen references to them being out there on the web.
  4. I haven't tried this recently (so maybe it has improved), but I had a similar conversation with DxO. I wanted to use Iridient Developer/X-Transformer to convert the Fuji raw files to dng, and then process to completion in DxO. While DxO did recognize at least some dngs, it did not like the ones coming out of the Iridient workflow, I wrote them that they were missing a great opportunity to add Fuji shooters to their potential customer base by not recognizing the dngs from Iridient. They didn't need to deal with the X-Trans format, they just had to modify the list of acceptable dngs, I never heard any more from them. DxO obviously has a small number of employees, but they are not at all open to suggestions, and not interested in expanding the list of potential customers. Not hard to understand why they are in financial difficulty.
  5. Someone (think it was Chris Sergeant) just posted a blog note that they removed the black plastic pieces inside the Fuji OEM clips in the lugs on his X-T3, and the Peak Design .cords fit well.
  6. Wonderful! I'm going there next April, and you've really got me looking forward to it.
  7. Another nice set! And I enjoyed seeing someone in many of the pictures- breaks up the monotony of the deserted vista, and interest (and some continuity).
  8. The 16 and 23 are basically covered by the 18-55 (granted the 16 is a fair bit wider and weather-sealed, if that could be a factor is Alaska). How about the 14mm Fuji, offering a significantly different view and a reasonably fast aperture?
  9. Thanks for your reply! I understand the workflow (apparently), my point is that when I use Luminar to process an image, I add an extra 20mb +/- file for every image I process. That can add up to a lot of overhead for my hard drives. With LR, you get a 4kb +/- file with the "instructions"; with Luminar, you get a 20mb +/- file. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something about the workflow.
  10. I am trying Luminar, and as far as I can see, when you are done making your edits, you save the results as a separate Luminar-format file. This results in an additional file of about 20MB for each, which can mount up. In LR, the edits take almost no space. Am I missing something re. Luminar processing? BTW, I like the Luminar results. Rick
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