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  1. This is a test on Canon FDn 135mm f/2.8 vintage lens on Fuji X-A1. 100% crops are from tif file processed from a RAW file using Adobe Camera Raw. Sharpening and NR were zeroed in ACR. The f/2.8 and f/3.4 crops have some contrast added. Otherwise no adjustment done. The test scene had a low contrast so it was quite challenging for the lens.
  2. FX-A1

    100-135mm lens samples

    These album contains my lens tests and samples of 100mm and 135mm manual lenses
  3. Yes, it might be OM — it's 360g. I had an Olympus OM Zuiko E.Zuiko Auto ­T 135mm f/2.8. Compact with very good resolution. My Canon FD 135/2.8 has better contrast, though. Otherwise same optical performance. Here's more about it: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/olympusom1n2/shared/zuiko/htmls/135mm.htm
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