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  1. All it said was "liquid damage". I basically ended up nearly paying the price of an X-T1. I think entire insides of my X-T2 were replaced because the camera now has a completely brand new serial number. It's possible that because I opted to have the camera repaired instead of replaced with another X-T2 with similar actuations that I had to pay. I'm not sure. Regardless, it's nice to have my X-T2 back.
  2. Well, I finally got my X-T2 back and unfortunately I had to pay for the repair. Lesson learned. At least with the X-T2, I'll be using a rain cover. Still not worried about the X-T1. A handful of downpours in a row and it's still working like new!
  3. I packaged it up and sent it in for repair/servicing. We'll see what they have to say.
  4. Anyone else have similar issues like I described below? Yesterday it was a rainy day and I took my X-T1 with 50-140 and X-T2 with 16-55 out to a charity walk which I've volunteered for in the past as a photographer. My X-T1 held up great as always in the rain. My X-T2 had issues. All was fine, but then about an hour into the event and still raining, my X-T2 was telling me that the "maximum operating temperature has been reached" and the camera would shut down. That sounds kinda odd because it was maybe 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the rain and the X-T2 body was cold to the touch. The
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