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  1. Good shots as usual. ;-) Great colors, Your Lightroom settings?
  2. Great shots! Can you give us some idea as to your film settings? Just curious. Keep up the great work!
  3. Thank you for the response. I expect many hours of reading...
  4. Hello Fuji guys, I am an amateur looking for camera for any use, but above all, for photos of basketball of my children. Until now had Nikon D4, D750 and Pro lens, and it was fantastic result in all kinds of conditions. Back problems - and age - they made me proceed to Micro 4/3, in particular a OMD-EM1 with their respective pro lens. In relaxed photography i have been very happy, but photography of action and high ISO I am very disappointed. I am thinking to join Fuji community, but can the X-T2 in AF-C compete with DSLR like D750 on indoor sports?. Greetings. Sorry for my very bad English.
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